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Written By: Jackie Pulley

In the event of a disaster impacting your community, the To-Go Bag, also known as a 72-hour bag, is necessary to sustain you or your family during the period when local first responders are likely overwhelmed and unable to assist you. Whenever there is a disaster, time is of the essence, and you may only have minutes or even seconds to take action. It is important to note that taking decisive action can potentially mean the difference between life and death.

Recently, Hurricane Ida served as a perfect example of why a To-Go Bag is necessary, as many survivors were forced to quickly leave their homes to evacuate to a safer area. In this instance, a To-Go Bag pre-filled with essential life-sustaining items will greatly increase one’s chances to reach a safe destination and survive a disaster. It is important to note that during a disaster, there may be no time to scramble to assemble and pack the necessities you need to sustain you are your family for that critical 72-hour period. Without some pre-planning, you will likely forget certain items and important supplies in the chaos surrounding a hasty departure.

By having your To-Go Bag ready, it will allow you to remain calm and better able to focus on your family’s safety. Further, having one for each family member may ensure that no one is left behind as you can count the bags as they are handed to each person as they leave. Thus, consider a To-Go Bag as a critical piece of your family’s disaster preparedness efforts.

To-Go-Bag, Presented by the ADP EMH Club

Jackie Pulley is the president of the ADP EMH Club and a B.S. Emergency Management and Homeland Security (BS-EMH) student. She is a member of the Online Student Government Association (OSGA), an honors program student, and is currently a volunteer with the Greater Indianapolis American Red Cross. She will graduate with her BS-EMH in December 2021.