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Twenty percent of businesses fail in the first year, but these new businesses are the backbone that help us keep innovating and allow our economy to grow.

There is an obvious appeal to starting a business or buying a franchise; freedom and flexibility to be your own boss. Entrepreneurs who are prepared before they begin their efforts will have a better idea of what to expect and how to handle the potential challenges as they arise.

Through the Post University School of Continuing Education, earning an entrepreneurship certificate can be an excellent way to prepare yourself. It could help you understand the different issues you might face as an entrepreneur and strategies to maximize your chances for success.

Here is what you should know about an Entrepreneurship Certificate.

What is an Entrepreneurship Certificate?

An entrepreneurship certificate prepares you with the insight and tools you need to succeed as an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs are an important part of any economy. Without people starting up new businesses, fulfilling more needs for consumers, and hiring people in the community, an economy will lag.

However, starting a business can present tremendous challenges. You not only need to have a great idea for a startup, but you also need to know how to execute that business model and find your market. Struggling with the execution part of an idea can result in many businesses failing, as these entrepreneurs do not reach their target market efficiently or may struggle to effectively fulfill their needs.

The entrepreneurship certificate recognizes these challenges and works to give you the tools that could bring your vision to life. A quality entrepreneurship program could help you examine the needs of a business owner from a variety of different angles, including the financial, marketing, and leadership aspects. You can then use this insight to build your business plan and improve your chances of success.

What are the top reasons to study entrepreneurship?

There are people who start their own business without specifically studying how to be an entrepreneur. However, while the course may be elective, there are some key reasons why an online entrepreneurship certificate like this could help you prepare for your future career.

Help you understand the field you will enter

Many people preparing for a new career understand the importance of studying the subject before they dive in. Studying your desired field can help you better understand how to get ahead and thrive in that role. The same applies to entrepreneurship. Learning more about how to start and then run a business could provide you with some background experience and strategies that will benefit your business plan.

Provide you with a well-rounded education

There are many different areas of study that go into becoming a successful entrepreneur. Most business employees do not have to understand the finances of running a business as well as the marketing aspects, for example. As an entrepreneur, you will need to. Therefore, many aspiring entrepreneurs will have gaps in their background knowledge as they start their own .

Studying this field can help you fill in these gaps. If you understand marketing, you could learn more about the relevant government regulations. If you feel comfortable with finances, you could learn more about becoming an effective leader.

Build your problem-solving skills

Becoming an entrepreneur means that when problems arise as you build your business, it will all come down to you in the end. Therefore, you need to thoroughly understand relevant problem-solving skills and feel confident in your ability to employ them.

Studying the field of entrepreneurship will give you the chance to learn problem-solving skills from those with experience in the field. You will have the chance to equip yourself with specific skills and strategies and see how they can be employed. When situations arise that might call for you to use these strategies in real life, you will feel prepared.

Help you take your business to the next level

This program will not only help you understand all the steps involved in launching a business, but it will also help you inject creativity and new ideas into your path. You will be ready to get your business started on the right foot and take advantage of new opportunities.

Post Continuing Education Certificate in Entrepreneurship

Post offers a rigorous, well-rounded Certificate in Entrepreneurship that prepares you  to seek a future career as an entrepreneur.

What does the Post Certificate in Entrepreneurship entail?

This certificate is designed to help you explore key issues you will encounter as you start your own business. The program is designed to help students better understand what is required of successful entrepreneurs as they start and grow their own businesses from the ground up. Not only will the courses included in the certificate empower students to learn and use the resources available to business owners, but it will also help future professionals prepare for all the different facets involved in running a business.

What courses are included in the Post Certificate in Entrepreneurship?

While earning your certificate, you will take courses in:

  • Finance and accounting. Designed to teach you to manage the accounts associated with your business as you juggle loans, business expenses, and income.
  • Important areas of business law. Learn about different types of laws that might impact you, such as employment law, the law that dictates how contracts are written, government regulations that are pertinent to different areas of business, and how regulations protect intellectual property.
  • Marketing. This course provides instruction on strategies that you can use to attract and engage with your target audience.
  • Leadership. This course covers methods to become a better leader and drive organizational growth

How long will this certificate take?

This course involves 25 contact hours divided between General (10 hours) and Strategic Business (15 hours). You will have access to the course material for 365 days after you register.

What types of credits can I earn through this course?

The Post Certificate in Entrepreneurship can help you earn the following:

  • 25 HRCI Credits in strategic business and general education
  • 2.5 IACET CEUs (25 contact hours)
  • 25 SHRM PDCs

How much does this certificate cost?

As of October 2022, you can earn your certificate for just $599. Price is subject to change from the time this article was published.

What registration requirements should I be aware of?

To register for this course, you only need to add it to your shopping cart from the Post School of Continuing Education.

Building your future with the Post Certificate in Entrepreneurship

If you know that your future will involve starting your own business, then you want to prepare fully by enrolling to earn your Post Certificate in Entrepreneurship. The completion of this certificate could help you prepare for your exciting future business. See what you can accomplish as an entrepreneur when you feel confidently prepared with these skills.

Get started now by registering for your certificate program. You can

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