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Teaching isn’t just a profession—it’s a calling. This year, Post University and the Faculty Experience Committee established the Faculty Impact Award.  University students make the nominations.

“The Faculty Impact Award recognizes members of the Post University faculty that reach beyond the standard expectations for online and/or main campus instructors. These faculty members are a true testament to the Post University values and make it personal by forging a strong connection and relationship with students, providing outstanding educational guidance based on field expertise, and inspiring students to become the best version of themselves.”

No one embodies this more than our first inaugural recipient of the Faculty Impact Award, Associate Professor Erika Levander, who has been teaching math since 2011 at the University. She has been doing everything she can for her students to see them succeed.

“I have taught at least one class every term for the past 9 years. I have also taught in the public education sector for almost 20 years. I have taught thousands and thousands of students at a variety of ages. I believe I can speak for most educators when I say that what means the most, why we do what we do, is to have a positive impact on students. When I received an email from the Math Department Program Managers saying that I was the first recipient of the Post University Faculty Impact Award, I felt so honored and touched. Knowing that I was nominated by my students makes it even more meaningful because, to me, that is what teaching is all about. I have been so blessed to work for Post and meet so many wonderful students from all over the country. In the words of William James – “The greatest use of a life is to spend it for something that will outlast it.” I am looking forward to many more years doing just that. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”


The award will be presented to an associate faculty member each term – recognizing six associate faculty members each year. The next Faculty Impact Award will be announced in March 2021.