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Written by Katie Shpak, University Writer

William Lemon“I was speechless; it felt so validating,” shares Professor William Lemon when asked how it felt to receive the Faculty Impact Award.

Lemon has been an online associate faculty member in Post’s English Department since 2014. Living in San Diego and having a desire to teach online courses, Lemon did some research and was very interested in applying for a teaching position at Post.

“It seemed like a great online program, and it stood out among some other options,” said Lemon.

Lemon’s great-grandmother, who was a teacher, played a big role in raising him as a child. His mother did some teaching as well. Growing up in an environment of educators, Lemon developed the desire to follow in their path. While he was not initially aware of what subject he would be best at teaching, his passion for writing and literature became clear during some college English courses.

Currently, Lemon is redesigning Post’s creative writing course, anticipated to roll out within the next few months. Lemon shares that despite teaching in a world outside the classroom, students are often interested in meeting through Microsoft Teams or via phone call to discuss their writing. Writing, especially creatively, can be personal and vulnerable. Lemon connects with students through their writing, as well as through peer discussions and other methods of communication.

“When teaching online courses, I like being able to work with such a diverse group of people. They can be from all over the world and of all ages. It’s very eclectic,” said Lemon.

Lemon does not allow a 3,000-mile distance from campus grounds in Waterbury to detract from the personal connection he shares with his students.

“The Faculty Impact Award recognizes members of the Post University faculty that reach beyond the standard expectations for online and/or main campus instructors. These faculty members are a true testament to the Post University values and make it personal by forging a strong connection and relationship with students, providing outstanding educational guidance based on field expertise, and inspiring students to become the best version of themselves.”