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Post University Blog

Carla Goldstone
Program Chair of General Sciences
School of Arts and Sciences

What got you interested in science?

I first got interested in science in middle school. It was a subject that I excelled at and found interesting. I distinctly remember my first bug collection and examining the wide range of biodiversity in that small population. The more I studied nature and organisms, the more I wanted to learn!

How does science add value to a student’s experience at Post?

Science adds a tremendous value to a student’s experience at Post and I think higher education has a responsibility to promote scientific literacy in their graduates. We encounter science daily in our lives, whether it be through the technology we are using, our environment, or our own bodies and health. Studying science also helps us to make informed decisions about politics and policies that we choose to support. Through our introductory courses and non-major courses, I hope to instill an appreciation, if not a love, for the science in our daily lives!

What is one of the biggest advantages of studying science?

One of the biggest advantages of studying science is the development of critical thinking and analytical skills, as we use the scientific method to explore the questions we encounter in lab, through case studies, and ultimately in the world around us. Without the study of science, humans would not have survived and made the progress we benefit from over the last 200,000 years.