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Brandi Young

Assistant Director of Satisfactory Academic Progress


School Attended: Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Major: Mathematics

Toughest Class: History was always my least favorite and most challenging subject. Luckily, only one History class was required for a Math major.

Favorite Class: All my French classes. I minored in French even though I suspected I would not use the knowledge in my future career because I love it so much.

Where did you spend most of your time? 


throwback photo of brandi and her catsDid you live on campus?  I only lived on campus in my Freshman year and then rented off-campus with friends through graduation.

Did you work while in school? Yes, I was a math tutor during the school year and had a string of odd jobs every Christmas and summer.

True story:  My two best friends to date are both people I met during the first year of college. We all majored in different science fields; Math, Biochemistry, and Physics. I realized we were destined to be best friends forever because we were each the President of our major’s respective club. We had cross club mixers including bowling night, ice skating, and caving outings

What’s one thing you wish someone had told you during your first year?   I spent a lot of my Freshman year worried about the future and trying to get involved in the “right” committees, associations, and groups. When I finally let the experiences I wanted to have guide me to join in, I found my forever people.