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Post University Blog

Dana Anstett-Castro

Academic Advisor Main Campus


School Attended: Western New England College

Major: Psychology

Minor: Fine Arts

Toughest Class: Calculus

Favorite Class: Anything Art related


How far away was your family?  2 hours

dana castro throwback photoDid you live on campus?  Yes!

How often did you go home?  I went home often my freshman year due to a family health situation, but less and less as I got older

Any roommate troubles?  Of course!

Did you find love in college?  I married my neighbor in college, we met our junior year

What’s one thing you wish someone had told you during your first year?  Talk to your Professors!  Open those lines of communication with them they want to help.  Also, it’s okay to not love your initial degree choice!  (I changed majors my sophomore year)