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Post University Blog

Gina Wellman

Director of Academic First Year Experience


School Attended: University of New Haven

Major: Accounting

Toughest Class: Tax Accounting

Favorite Class: Hotel & Tourism Mgmt: Wine Appreciation!

Where did you spend most of your time?  In the quad, the library, and at work


Did you live on campus?  Yes for the first two years, then moved off campus

gina in graduation cap and gownRoommate troubles?  Luckily no!  They are still my best friends today 😊

How far away was your family?  1 hour, just far enough 😊

Favorite dining hall meal:  Definitely the chicken tenders

Song on the radio: Like Glue – Sean Paul

What’s one thing you wish someone had told you during your first year?  Talk to as many advisors as you can to better understand the career opportunities associated with each major!