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Post University Blog

JC Hopkins

Marketing Manager


School Attended: Suffolk University

Major: Business Administration and Entrepreneurship

Toughest Class: Accounting.  It still haunts me to this day

Favorite Class: I took a history of Rock and Roll course.  Homework was to go to concerts


throwback photo of jc as a teenagerDid you live on campus?  I lived on campus and was placed in a nine-person suite.  It was A LOT of dudes sharing one bathroom

Favorite dining hall meal or favorite go-to meal:  I think I ate a buffalo chicken wrap for every meal that entire year

Name something you tried.  Did you stick with it?  My roommates and I auditioned for the sketch comedy group on campus.  Glad I gave it a shot, but long story short, I don’t think you will be seeing me on SNL anytime soon

What’s one thing you wish someone had told you during your first year?  Explore as many clubs as possible. The best way to meet people and you may discover you love something you’ve never tried before