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Post University Blog

Kayte Mills

Head Coach – Women’s Lacrosse


School Attended: Western New England University (undergrad), University of Connecticut (grad)

Major: Sport Management (for bachelor and master’s)

Toughest Class: Accounting

Favorite Class: Sports Law

Favorite hangout?  My favorite hangout was my senior year

Did you know anyone at your school freshman year?  No!


Did you live on campus?  Yes; since I played two sports, I didn’t go home very often and I was lucky I saw my family often because they came to my games in the Fall and Spring.

Roommate troubles?  Yes, my sophomore and junior year I had roommate troubles, but it worked out in the end because I had the best roommates my senior year!

kayte mills playing lacrosseHow far was your family?  2 hours and I had a car on campus which was convenient when I did need to go home.

Favorite dorm room/dining hall meal? My favorite meal brunch on Sundays!  I loved getting ham and cheese omelets!

What were the big fashion trends? Abercrombie polo shirts (sometimes two at the same time) and anything American Eagle!

Did you work while in school?  I worked part time as a lifeguard my freshman year and as an athletic peer mentor my junior and senior year

Where did you spend most of your time? I spent most of my time in our athletic center since I played volleyball and lacrosse!