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Post University Blog

Keith Knuffke

Academic Advisor Main Campus


School Attended: SUNY Plattsburgh and Clinton Community College

Major: Early Childhood Education

Favorite Class: All of my history classes

Where did you spend most of your time? At the gym putting up shots


keith knuffke throwback photoName something you tried.  Did you stick with it?  I tried becoming a runner back then.  I did not stick to it.  I’m trying to pick it up now.

Song on the radio: Something from Dave Matthew’s Band

True story: I once had to give a presentation with four other students in my Canadian Studies class.  Big auditorium classroom, maybe 150+ students, two students from my group didn’t show up so me and the other kid made up half of the presentation on the fly… and still got an A!

Did you find love in college?  So I thought, a couple times

What’s one thing you wish someone had told you during your first year?  Take your time and enjoy it, the real world will be coming fast!