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Post University Blog

Natalia Peña

Lead Military Academic Success Counselor


School Attended: Bethany College in Lindsborg, KS – Go Swedes!

Major: Bachelor of Arts in Communications and Theater

Toughest Class: Statistics

Favorite Class: Travel Writing (we went to New Orleans!)

Where did you spend most of your time?  On my dorm balcony and/or in the café socializing


Did you live on campus?  Yes

How often did you go home?  Holidays and Scheduled school breaks

Roommate troubles?  Thankfully, no!

How far was your family?  6 hour drive from Lindsborg to Dallas, TX

Favorite dining hall meal: I always took sandwich bags filled with cereal from the dining hall so that I always had snacks. 😊

Did you work while in school?  Yes!  Work study put me in the library for a little while in my first semester freshman year and then I worked at Chili’s all the way through graduation

throwback photo of nataliaFavorite hangout?  Not many places to go in a square mile town so I’d have to say town bar (allowed any age) the Ol’ Stuga

Did you know anyone at your school freshman year? 

What were the big fashion trends? The same for any freshman girl in college… boys. Oh, and side bangs.

Song on the radio: Fergalicious was verrrry popular that year 😊

Name something your tried. Did you stick with it?  Yoga! I learned about yoga in college. I’m still a huge fan.

What’s one thing you wish someone had told you during your first year?  CHOOSE your electives and ask your advisor for support