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Post University Blog

Stephanie Caban

Chief of Staff, Office of the Deans


School Attended: University of Connecticut – Tri Campus

Major: Business Administration

Toughest Class: Microeconomics AND Macroeconomics, yuck!


throwback photo of stephanieDid work while in school?  Yes, I worked 40-60 hours a week between two jobs 

Did you know anyone at your school freshman year?  I did!  I was fortunate to have a few close friends I graduated high school with attend the same school.  I didn’t know anyone in my classes but that was okay.

Song on the radio: Forever – Chris Brown

What’s one thing you wish someone had told you during your first year?  Two things: 1) To develop relationships with your professors. My classes were so much more enjoyable after

spending a few minutes before or after class to talk to my instructors. 2) That asking for help is okay. I don’t think I would have survived let alone gotten good grades without

the university learning center.