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Careers do not have to be dry, monotonous experiences where people find themselves going through the same motions day in and day out. They can offer enriching moments that lead to professional fulfillment and the knowledge that what you do truly makes a difference.

Those who want to uncover career opportunities that will help them achieve their full potential may find themselves considering a career as a preschool teacher. In the preschool classroom, they can find that rewarding experience that will make their career something enjoyable and fulfilling.

The reasons to become a preschool teacher are too many to list out, but we wanted to pick the top five that we hear so often from our students and graduates.

Here are some great answers for, “Why teach early childhood education?”

Get The Chance To Work In A Growing Field

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the field of preschool education will experience a 7 percent growth rate between 2018 and 2028. As parents and professionals realize the importance of nurturing the growth of these young students and preparing them for kindergarten, the need for qualified preschool teachers will only grow.

Becoming a preschool teacher and earning your degree in Early Childhood Education (ECE) will allow you to take part in this rich, rewarding trend. The right training program will give you the tools you need to build an incredible classroom. You will know how to tap into your creativity and serve as a role model, creating an environment where students are eager to come to school each day. You will help prepare them for the future of their education by showing them how exciting learning can be.

Play A Critical Role In The Social And Academic Development Of Children

For many preschool teachers, one of the best reasons to become a preschool teacher lies in the role they play in the development of the children. By introducing children to their letters and the rules of a classroom in a fun, engaging way, you will nurture their growth and development.

You will help your young students learn how to build their own interpersonal relationships. You will help them navigate the complex field of building friendships, dealing with group dynamics, and the importance of sharing. What happens in your classroom will have an impact on your young pupils for the rest of their lives.

No Two Days Will Ever Be The Same

Becoming a preschool teacher will guarantee that no two days will ever be the same. For people who know that they would not be happy with the monotony of an office job, knowing that each day will bring its own challenges and excitement can provide an extremely persuasive argument for the question, “Why teach early childhood education?”

Each day you enter the classroom, you will have new challenges and new rewarding experiences. You will guide your pupils to interact with the world in an entirely new way, walking them through new events and experiences.

You may come home feeling tired at the end of the school day, but you will also get the unique opportunity of knowing that each day you made a difference in the lives of your students.

Live Out Your Passion For Working With Young Children

Pursuing a career helping young children learn is a passion for many people. They love working with these young inquisitive minds who are just beginning to learn more about the world around them.

Working with young children presents opportunities unlike any other. These children are looking at the world and the entire school experience with wide-open eyes, ready to take it all in. As someone passionate about providing young students with opportunities to learn and grow, there is no job better suited for you than early childhood education.

Grow In Skills That Will Enrich The Children In Your Own Life

The chance to work with young children in early childhood education also provides you enriching experiences outside of professional fulfillment.

While in the classroom, you will help to nurture your own skill development in a variety of areas. You will find yourself feeling more confident in working in a busy environment and better equipped to multitask. You will also help to build your creative skills as you learn to express yourself in a variety of different ways to help your young students learn and absorb information while having fun. You will excel in coming up with games, managing large groups of children, and nurturing the social and emotional development of your young pupils.

Outside of the classroom, you will have the chance to put all of these skills to work enriching your personal experiences. The children in your own life that you interact with as a parent, aunt or uncle, babysitter, or friend will all benefit from your expertise with children. Your multitasking skills and ability to work in busy environments will help you thrive nearly anywhere. Becoming a preschool teacher will not only give you the chance to enrich the lives of the children in your class, but those children, in turn, will enrich yours.

Becoming A Preschool Teacher

The incredible benefits you experience working in early childhood education are inspiring. To get started on this path, however, you need to have the education and training to make it possible. The right program will not only help you better understand the development of these young children, but will help you learn the tools you need to nurture their development across all areas. The National Association for the Education of Young Children ranks programs in early childhood education to help prospective teachers know if the school meets industry standards for creating a teaching curriculum.

At Post, we offer both an associate degree program and a bachelor’s degree program. We are proud that our efforts to create industry-leading programs have resulted in the ranking of both of our paths towards a career in early childhood education. We are one of only a few programs with this distinction.

Those looking for a rewarding career and enjoy working with children will find that a degree in early childhood education and a career working as a preschool teacher can offer an intensely fulfilling experience. No other job gives you the chance to influence the learning and school experiences of the youngest pupils the way you can in a preschool environment. With a variety of different types of working environments available—from private schools to daycares to Head Start—teachers can find employment that fits them and their style best. With these options and opportunities available at your fingertips, the question of, “Why choose early childhood education as a career?” answers itself.

We invite all of those interested in pursuing a career in early childhood education to come and learn more about the programs offered here at Post. See how one of our degree paths can get you started in the career of your dreams.



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