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World Health Day: Get Involved
Now in its 70th year, World Health Day highlights some of the most serious concerns facing people around the world today. From promoting affordable healthcare for all to enhancing the technology and access to care in nations around the world, the World Health Organization (WHO) aims to improve lives through a variety of initiatives.

Since 1948, the WHO has been hard at work, supporting the needs of men, women and children around the world in dire need of access to healthcare. The WHO began on the 7th of April in 1948. This year, on April 7th, the organization will celebrate the 70th World Health Day. This year’s theme is all about access to care and highlighting the importance of universal health coverage.

Universal Health Coverage: Everyone, Everywhere

This year, the focus for World Health Day is on universal health coverage to people in all nations. Everyone. Everywhere. While services of the WHO are often needed in undeveloped nations, those in the United States and other advanced countries are also struggling with affordable care.

When citizens have to choose between food and shelter and having good health, there is something amiss. The goal of universal health coverage is to ensure that everyone can access the health services they need – not just when they are ill or injured, but care that prevents illness and enhances wellness and overall health. The idea behind universal health coverage promises:

  • Access to high-quality care for all
  • Good health without sacrificing life’s basic necessities
  • Healthier children, teens, and seniors
  • An overall healthier nation

Too Many People are Excluded

While many nations have made strides towards universal health care, there are still too many people being left behind. According to the WHO, about half of the world’s total population lacks access to health care and services. Millions more are left in poverty because of the prohibitive cost of health insurance; about 800 million people spend 10% of their income on healthcare expenditures, leaving less money for food, shelter and education. Universal access to care would alleviate the financial burden and allow people to live healthier, better lives.

Get Involved

On World Health Day, April 7th, you can join the conversation and make sure your voice is heard. Talk about the benefits of universal health coverage, learn about the laws and people who govern and make decisions about healthcare for your area and how you can help. Simple awareness allows you to take steps to improve your own wellness and ensure that healthcare is available for all. Have a voice in your own community and volunteer or support the organizations attempting to serve the needs of those without access to care or those striving to provide care for all.

Be ready to share the cause and the day on social media; the WHO offers free social media graphics for a variety of networks for World Health Day.

Get the Care You Need at Post Health Services

At Post University, we understand the need for accessible healthcare and urge you to take advantage of all our Health Services Office and Counseling Center has to offer. Every day, you’ll find caring professionals on hand to meet your needs and ensure you stay healthy and well, by providing onsite basic care, health and wellness information and education, and access to information on other health specialists and facilities near campus. They will also help you understand the immunization and insurance requirements for campus students. As we pause to commemorate World Health Day, we also thank the medical professionals on the Post University team for all they do to keep our students happy, healthy, and educated for their own well being