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You’ve been thinking about this moment for at least the past four years. The end of your college career is finally here. With all the excitement, however, the last few months of school can fly by quickly. My advice to you is to slow down and enjoy the time you have left, and follow these tips to ensure you stay on top of all of your responsibilities up to graduation.

Finish Strong. Don’t completely slack off on coursework

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Mitch Hecht | Post University Registrar

If you are an undergraduate, I know that senioritis can be a real struggle. If you are finishing up on your graduate degree, you are seeing the commencement line in your dreams too! Please don’t let your grades slip. It may jeopardize your ability to graduate.

Complete all school requirements

In addition to keeping your grades up, make sure to satisfy all of your graduation requirements. From final papers to library fines or unpaid fees. Don’t procrastinate. Check with your counselor as soon as possible and make a plan to check off any incomplete requirements to ensure you’re able to walk at graduation.

Prepare for the ceremony

While my office will be sending out packages of information to students regarding graduation. I need you to secure your cap, gown and graduation regalia as early as possible. All students, whether or not they participate in a commencement ceremony, must pay the graduation fee. You can take care of this by going to your student portal and paying under “my finances.”


Your diploma will be mailed out within 60 days after the date of degree conferral. Please ensure that we have your most current address on file. If you have questions on the progress of your application, please reach out to my department using this email: [email protected].