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Post University® Honors Program Director Linda Kobylarz was awarded the National Career Development Association (NCDA) Fellow Award at its Annual Global Career Development Conference last month in Houston, TX.

One of the highest honors by the NCDA, the Fellows Distinction recognizes members who have contributed to the profession throughout their career.

Linda Kobylarz is an award-winning career development consultant with extensive experience in large-scale career development program design and implementation for K-12 schools, colleges, and federal and state agencies. She is a published author and has served in leadership roles for NCDA and Connecticut-based counseling and career development associations.  Kobylarz has been involved with NCDA committees and leadership since 1993. She served two terms as a Trustee and Secretary on the board. The NCDA has recognized her twice before with awards. In 2013, she received the Education Practitioner Award and in 2001, the group named her Outstanding Career Practitioner

NCDA is the nation’s leading non-profit association created to develop standards for the career development profession, for the provision of career counseling programs and services, and the evaluation of career information materials. NCDA also sets ethical standards for the career development profession including guidelines for the provision of career services on the Internet. For more information, visit