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TO:  All Students

At Post, your voice and engagement matter.  Effective options for voicing concerns or ideas to improve life at Post include simple one-on-one conversations with instructors, academic support team, communications with SGA, student satisfaction survey participation, to name a few.

This type of freedom of expression also helps ensure that our cultural and ethical standards are consistently upheld in everything we do. To further this goal, Post has launched EthicsPoint, an anonymous hotline for students to confidentially report University feedback, suggestions, concerns, or behaviors that could be unethical. This system is administered independently by NAVEX Global, a nationally recognized, state of the art solution, with over twenty years in the business, for confidential student reporting.

What’s the reporting process?

Anonymously contact EthicsPoint, the independent hotline with 24-hour access by either:

  • Mobile –
  • Online –
  • Call – 1-844-961-4319

What follow up actions will be taken?

  1. The trained NAVEX Global professional will complete an online claim report excluding any individual identifier information unless you voluntarily prefer to disclose your identity.
  2. The student caller will be issued a personalized, confidential password by EthicsPoint.
  3. The claim will be objectively reviewed by the Compliance staff (if a student claim) or Associate Experience (if an associate claim).
  4. Within approximately five days, the caller may use the confidential password to access Post’s response to that individual’s submitted report.

As a first option, students are encouraged to consult with their instructor or Program Chairs to address concerns or offer feedback about improving Post’s learning environment and their financial aid or academic advisors and their supervisors to address customer service concerns. Students using EthicsPoint to speak up are assured of no reprisal or retaliation. Getting better at what we do is an ongoing priority at Post University. Your input and your opinions are always appreciated.

Please Note: If you wish to file an anonymous Title IX complaint, you may do so online at: You can utilize this forum to report sex discrimination, including sexual harassment, sexual assault, stalking, intimate partner violence, or discrimination on the basis of disability, pregnancy, sexual orientation, or gender identity. This complaint will be sent to the Title IX Coordinator.