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At Post University, you can earn your Master of Public Administration (MPA) in just 26 months, building upon the bachelor’s degree you already possess. Classes are held online to flexibly fit your schedule. They not only increase your knowledge, but they improve your marketability, too. If you enjoy making important decisions and serving in managerial and administrative capacities, an MPA could be your foot in the door to a career you’ll love. We’ve compiled answers to a number of the most commonly asked questions regarding the MPA program at Post University.

What Is an MPA Degree?

MPA is an acronym for Master of Public Administration. It’s the next step above a bachelor’s degree and requires a few additional years of education  Holding a master’s degree elevates you to a status above many other candidates when it’s time to apply for your dream position. It’s also good to note that many of today’s employers require master’s degrees for positions that used to require only a bachelor’s degree.

If you’re on the fence about whether to continue your education, now is a good time to act. A master’s degree in public administration teaches you the skills necessary to better serve the public. You’ll hone your knowledge of public policy, along with your abilities to lead and manage, during your coursework. You’ll also learn about administrative ethics and how to effectively communicate with members of your team. Last, you’ll emerge with a degree that prepares you to work at local, state, or federal levels in a job you genuinely enjoy.

What Do You Learn in an MPA Program?

The MPA program is all about leadership. Not everyone has the skills necessary to effectively lead others, but the coursework and capstone projects used in the MPA program help prepare you for positions in management and leadership opportunities. You’ll learn about the future and history of public administration, as well as the ins and outs of public policy. Additionally, you’ll learn more about labor laws, public finance, and risk management.

The MPA program at Post University is highly engaging, teaching skills you’ll genuinely use every day in the role of a public administrator. Upon graduation, you’ll have a keen understanding of what this career field entails, and you’ll have the skills and knowledge needed to succeed.

If you’re thinking of continuing your career opportunities that require more than a bachelor’s degree, consider the MPA program at Post University. In a mere 26 months, you’ll boost your earning potential, outrun your competition, and gain skills that can benefit you throughout your career and your life.

What Does the MPA Curriculum Cover?

The MPA program at Post University covers a fascinating collection of topics. All are geared to helping you improve your knowledge of public service and your skills in leadership and management. MPA degree courses include:

  • History & Future of Public Administration
  • Ethics in Public Administration
  • Public Policy
  • Labor Laws and Relations
  • Public Finance
  • Risk Management
  • Research Methods of Public and Nonpublic Administration

Students who elect to earn the Master of Public Administration also take a range of core business classes that are designed to help them learn business concepts and apply them to improve public sector efficiencies. These include:

  • Organizational Creativity, Discovery, & Innovation
  • Future of Management & Leadership II
  • Organizational Dynamics & Effectiveness
  • Project Management

As a student in the MPA program at Post University, you are also required to earn 4 credits in our graduate seminar and capstone courses. In total, students must earn 37 graduate-level credits to complete the MPA program. Upon graduation, they’ll have a thorough knowledge of what it takes to be a leader within the public service sector, as well as the skills needed to hit the ground running.

Are There Different MPA Concentrations?

At Post University, you may also choose the Emergency Management and Homeland Security concentration for your MPA degree. As a student on this career path, you’ll become educated on emergency preparedness and the evaluation of data for threat assessment. This includes knowledge in the area of cybersecurity. Students learn about the changes to homeland security and threat assessment since 9-11 and how to function efficiently in the event of a nationwide emergency.

As part of your degree, you’re required to complete nine credits that focus solely on emergency management. The courses that you will take are:

  • Seminar in Emergency Management Leadership
  • Role of Intelligence in Homeland Security
  • Cybersecurity Fundamentals for Emergency Managers

Upon graduation from the Emergency Management and Homeland Security concentration MPA, students will have a solid understanding of the procedures and policies that surround acts of terrorism, pandemic, and other emergencies that happen at the local, state, and federal levels.

Why Earn My MPA at Post University?

Post University’s schools, the John P. Burke School of Public Service and Education and the Malcolm Baldridge School of Business, have partnered together to offer this outstanding MPA program. Students who graduate from it will have achieved multiple goals:

  • A proficiency for analyzing public policy
  • An understanding and possession of ethical leadership skills
  • The skills needed to apply the principles of finance to public operations and non-profits
  • The knowledge of how to implement research-based practices
  • The capability to formulate and implement new services
  • The ability to identify and eliminate or consolidate underperforming programs

Our faculty is a primary reason why there are no other programs out there quite like the Master of Public Administration offered by Post University. Our instructors are professionals in their chosen careers, which is how they’re able to bring real-life scenarios into the classroom. You’ll learn from the people who’ve been where you want to be, and you’ll gain an inside perspective of the day-to-day responsibilities of public policymakers. Additionally, as a student at our university, you’ll find the support you need to grow and flourish in your chosen field of study. Our staff and administration are always willing to help when you need it.

With your master’s in public administration from Post University, you could have the opportunity to build the skills and tools to go as far as you want to go. When you’re ready to continue your education in public service at Post University, contact us for more information on our innovative and MPA program.