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woman caring for a horse in a stable
For thousands of years, there’s been a special place where humans and horses meet. Just ask Abby.

Meet Abigail (Abby) Nemec, Post University’s Director of Equine Studies Program. Abby shares her passion for horses and the indelible bond they share with humans, in her podcast “A Time For Horses.”

Abby’s love of these ‘most royal creatures’ is conveyed through a collection of true stories that connects, somehow, to horses, horse people or the horse business. She not only tells the story, but also shares why it’s a story worth telling.

The episodes comprise a hybrid of entertaining yet well-researched and insightful anecdotes about these powerful, stunning beasts.  Throughout, she reflects on how, despite how evolved we have become as society, the relationship – or, rather, friendship – between humans and horses is very much present and relevant.

For example, in one episode, she tells the heartwarming story of one young horse that forms an unbreakable bond with a group of young Marines to become an American War Hero. In another, she compares horses with art, technology and science to reveal the origin of the flying gallop’s depiction in art.

Her inspiring stories include the episode that highlights special horse owners who bravely took on the FDA to make it possible for elderly horses diagnosed with Equine Cushing’s Disease to live another decade in comfort and dignity. In “The Horse at War,” Abby highlights a horse’s unbreakable strength and determination through a story of true survival.

“When you put people and horses in the same place, there are always going to be great stories to be told,” she said.

Her podcast inspires an appreciation of these living art forms that remind us of the natural wonders of the world. For those who share this deep passion for these fascinating and majestic creatures, we encourage you to explore Post University’s online bachelor’s degree program in equine studies – the first degree in equine studies that Post has ever offered online.

No doubt, the time for horses is, indeed, now.