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You love bringing out the best in other people. You’re a natural leader and a born motivator. With a management degree with a Human Resource concentration from Post University, you can turn your skills and strengths into a dynamic career. The courses in this concentration will give you the knowledge and perspective to be able to be an even better manager and leader of people by increasing your understanding of the needs of the workforce and what improves performance in your organization.

Our Bachelor of Science in Management program is available both online and at our Waterbury, Connecticut campus. Our management degree program is programmatically accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP). Read on for more information on this undergraduate degree program, including input from Dr. Jeremi Bauer, DBA, Dean of the Malcolm Baldrige School of Business.

Who should consider the Human Resource Management concentration?

In this concentration, students explore the standards of performance expected of managers and employees and focus on leveraging diversity, employee compensation and benefits, human resource systems, and employee relations. It’s ideally designed for:

  • Supervisors or managers working in “people-intensive” segments of the business
  • Leaders who wish to learn the importance of people management skills

What types of skills and experience do faculty members bring to this program?

Our experienced teaching faculty members follow the “scholar/practitioner” model. Most of our faculty teaching in the management program have been actively involved in leadership positions in organizations of all sizes in many industries. Most have more than 15 years of such operational experience in industries that include manufacturing, financial services, insurance, logistics, and health care. This real-world experience combined with the strong academic orientation of our designed classes brings the best of both worlds directly to the student — practical experience and academic learning.

As an example, the Program Chair of this Human Resource concentration area has more than 35 years of senior-level, multinational Human Resource experience across a variety of industry sectors: Automotive Manufacturing, Computer-Aided Engineering Systems, International Construction Management, and Higher Education.

Not only will our experienced faculty bring real-world scenarios from the boardroom into the classroom to help you develop your critical thinking and leadership skills, they have the expertise needed to guide you as you prepare for your chosen field. Rather than simply learning practice and policy, you’ll learn the nuances of ethics and experience, discovering what it takes to succeed and be an exemplary leader in a rapidly changing, competitive marketplace.

What will students learn? What is the coursework like?

The Concentration in Human Resource Management program provides the opportunity to acquire human resource management skills and knowledge, develop proficiency to understand the importance and specific functions influencing and motivating an organization’s Human Resources.

Coursework specific to this concentration includes:

  • Human Resource Management
  • Diversity in the Workforce
  • Compensation and Benefits OR Training and Development
  • Seminar in Human Resource Management

What kinds of projects do students work on?

Students work on projects designed to acquaint them with the actual issues they will find in the field. These may include projects focused on:

  • Acquiring, developing and assessing talent in your organization
  • Compensation pay practices
  • Group behavior and decision-making
  • Leadership development
  • Motivation and reward systems

What program outcomes can students expect from this degree program?

Graduates of this management program will:

  1. Demonstrate an effective working knowledge of contemporary human resource issues including talent management, employment law, human resource strategy, recruit training, compensation benefits, organizational development, and human resource information systems.
  2. Evaluate individual and group behavior in organizations and the interpretation of this behavior in the context of the managerial environment. Students will assess the nature of such concepts as influence, power and control, attitudes, communication, conflict, and interpersonal relations as a means of understanding the dynamics of individual and group behavior.
  3. Evaluate the ability to build and work in teams, including team development, norms, cohesion, and trust.
  4. Examine and apply ethical and professional behaviors and standards to contemporary business situations.
  5. Communicate professionally using written and/or oral skills essential to success in the business environment.
  6. Demonstrate the ability to apply the fundamental concepts of Management, Marketing, Accounting, Finance, and Economics in a business environment.

How does this concentration add value to my Management degree?

Dr. Bauer explains: “Business leadership has gone well beyond the specific functional skill level and now must encompass how to manage people. This course of study provides that. The nature of the workforce and employment relationship is changing, and this is reflected in what this concentration teaches.”

Marcus Buckingham, well-known author in the field of performance, Management and Leadership has said that there are “four keys of great managers;

  • When selecting someone, they select for talent … not simply experience, intelligence or determination.
  • When setting expectations, they define the right outcomes … not the right steps.
  • When motivating someone, they focus on strengths … not on weaknesses. and
  • When developing someone, they help him find the right fit … not simply the next rung on the ladder.”

Marcus Buckingham (2014) “First, Break All the Rules: What the World’s Greatest Managers Do Differently”, Simon and Schuster

The concepts and experiences in the Human Resource Concentration at Post are designed to give you the skills and knowledge to succeed in these areas as a manager and leader and to stand out among your peers.

Leading today’s workforce demands more; more skill, more ability and more creativity in working with a wider array of workers and conditions. The best leaders will be those prepared for these challenges. Post University’s Human Resource concentration is designed to prepare you for that world ahead.

Why follow when you were born to lead? Take day, evening, or weekend management classes at our Connecticut campus, or choose online management courses to fit your current work schedule. Contact us now, and we’ll get in touch with you shortly.