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Whether it’s in the classroom, in the workplace, or on the athletic field, Post senior Brianne Scott prides herself on always putting forth maximum effort.

This unrelenting effort has propelled the Legal Studies major to the top of this year’s graduating class and into the position of Main Campus Valedictorian.

Brianne Scott

Brianne Scott

“I feel truly honored and blessed to be named Campus Valedictorian,” said Scott. “I’ve spent a lot of time making sure I always hand in my best work, and I’m extremely happy to receive this honor as a result.”

Scott, a native of Williamstown, N.J., has been able to excel academically while staying busy outside of the classroom as well. As a four-year member of the women’s soccer team, and a captain this past season, Scott has been named to the Central Athletic Collegiate Conference (CACC) All-Academic Team numerous times. She is a member of the Honors Society, the Lead Tutor in the University Learning Center and a Peer Educator Resident Assistant. Away from Post, Scott is a legislative intern for the Connecticut General Assembly in Hartford, CT.

How was Scott able to balance all of this and still finish at the top of her class? The support she received along the way, she says.

“I have a great support system between my friends, family, professors and coaches,” said Scott. “I can turn to any of these people for educational or emotional support. It has been a blessing to have professors who truly care about my academic success. Whether they are on campus or online, they have always made themselves available to me when I need help.”

Scott’s core focus during her time at Post was her coursework, specifically her Legal Studies classes. With the knowledge and experience she’s gained in the Legal Studies program, Scott hopes to obtain a job as a paralegal before applying to law school.

“I made a great choice joining the Legal Studies program at Post,” she said. “Each professor has shared their wisdom and advice, and it’s been so impactful because all of them have been professionals in the legal field.”

As she looks toward Commencement Day, Scott says she has bittersweet feelings about her upcoming trip across the graduation stage.

“While I am extremely happy to achieve this milestone, I will undoubtedly miss all the friends I have made while attending Post,” she said. “I really want to commend the faculty at Post that continuously give support to students, are approachable and are always willing to listen and help. Furthermore, my family has helped me in many different ways to achieve this degree, and I’m so happy I’ve been able to make them proud.”

As for the piece of advice Scott would leave behind for underclassmen or incoming Post students – get involved.

“Post is a small campus with big opportunities,” she said. “There are numerous clubs, athletic teams, and other organizations that students can be a part of. Become a member of one of these groups and get the chance to make lifelong friends. Get out of your comfort zone and experience life; you won’t regret it!”

Congratulations on this wonderful accomplishment, Brianne! You’ve earned it!