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Michael Wynn | Social Community Manager

We caught up with the 2 winners of the 2019 Malcolm Baldrige Scholarships to see what they have been up to in their first semester at Post University.

The Malcolm Baldrige Scholarship is a four-year, full-tuition scholarship for on-campus students enrolled in The Malcolm Baldrige School of Business at Post University.  Applications for the 2020 scholarship are still being accepted and the deadline is February 1, 2020. Students interested in the scholarship can apply here: Malcolm Baldrige School of Business Scholarship & Application.

Taina Pagan

We know that education creates opportunities and opportunities to help students to realize their dreams.  Taina Pagan, one of two 2019 recipients of the Malcolm Baldrige Scholarships, is making the most of the many opportunities since arriving on campus in August of 2019.  A member of the Honors Program and the Women’s Basketball team, she has worked hard during her first semester, which has been filled with firsts.

“I was told that I’m the first Latina to receive the scholarship,” Pagan shared.  “It gave me a lot of confidence and Post has provided me with a lot of opportunities that have been really motivating.”

With her first semester done, Pagan is proud of her accomplishments.  Not only is her GPA above a 3.5, but she was honored by the Central Athletic Collegiate Conference (CACC) as both the Rookie and Defensive Player of the Week.

Her favorite class was Principles of Management with Program Chair Melissa Santos.  “We talked about a lot of real-life scenarios and we had to come up with solutions.” It’s exercises like this that will help prepare her for her future career.  “I went to Italy a few years back and I want to go back. Focusing on International Business will be a great way for me to continue to travel,” Pagan continued.

The family-like atmosphere and supportive environment led her to choose Santos as her faculty-mentor as she prepared her proposal for the Northeast Regional Honors Council’s 2020 Conference.  This year’s conference theme, “Finding Your Voice: Speaking Truth to Power,” is exciting for her because it relates to her International Business focus.  “I chose giving a voice to immigrant children,” Pagan said of the poster she created as part of her proposal.

Scholarships have a far-reaching impact that goes way beyond tuition assistance. Scholarships change lives through the opportunities they provide, and recipients feel that life-changing effect.  When asked what advice she would give prospective Malcolm Baldrige Scholarship applicants, Pagan had this to share:

“Just work hard and keep an open mind.  Everything will pay off in the end.  You don’t know what opportunities will be available to you.”

Anthony Gugliotti

Confidence and self-respect are the two words Anthony Gugliotti uses to describe his first-semester at Post University.  One of two recipients of the 2019 Malcolm Baldrige Scholarship, a four-year full-tuition scholarship awarded to an on-campus student enrolled in The Malcolm Baldrige School of Business, Gugliotti realized, through his studies and community involvement, that hard work and dedication do not go unrewarded.

“Receiving the Malcolm Baldrige scholarship is a very big accomplishment,” he shared.  “Knowing that I was able to accomplish something many people only dream of has inspired me to work hard in school and to prove to myself and Post that I am worthy of receiving such a high honor.”

The 19-year-old business administration major from Wolcott, CT wasn’t worried about the challenges of college but knew that University-level study would be different from high school.  He credits not only his self-determination but the campus community, for the success he’s achieved in such a short amount of time.  “I found my experience at Post to be a smooth transition into the college mentality after being so accustomed to high school habits,” Gugliotti said.  “Helpful, understanding professors and the college success seminar class made getting used to college easier.”

In his personal life, Gugliotti keeps busy – working five-days a week at an after-school program for elementary school children as well as volunteering to help his grandmother and other elderly adults.  This has helped him to develop valuable leadership skills, which in turn, he’s able to apply as a student on campus.  While his campus involvement has been limited – something he plans to change this semester – he has gotten involved in the honors program and even converted his introductory computing course into an honors-level one.

“I joined the Honors Program at the beginning of the semester,” Gugliotti said.  “Being a part of the Honors Program strengthened my understanding of the material that was taught in this class through extensive projects and assignments.  I feel that the skills I learned in this class are the most beneficial for moving forward in my career path.”

Scholarships have a far-reaching impact beyond tuition assistance; they change lives and recipients feel that life-changing effects.  When asked how the scholarship has impacted him, his answer was simple:

“Receiving this scholarship has encouraged me to step outside of my comfort zone.”