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Meet the 2024 Class of Malcolm Baldrige Scholars.  These individuals represent the top five percent of those graduating with an undergraduate or graduate degree from The Malcolm Baldrige School of Business at Post University.  This year’s group consist of 32 students from the School.  Students come from throughout Connecticut and the United States, and internationally from Canada, Germany, Italy, and England.


In early May, the students were recognized at a dinner. Undoubtedly, being recognized as a Baldrige Scholar is a distinct honor. For the individuals chosen this year, it signifies not only a milestone in their academic career but also an emotional moment for them. Read the comments from students who have been selected the 2024 Baldrige Scholar.


Anna Bonato, Camposampiero, Italy. Now resides in Bristol

“My plans moving forward are to find a job in the business field and pursue my education with another bachelor’s in marketing because a good combination of skills and knowledge is the key to success in life.  This award means a lot to me because it represents the hard work done in my past three years in the US. I always saw this prize as a high achievement to show my abilities, as I used to do in track and field for the past 11 years.”


Julia D’Occhio – Watertown, CT

“My plans for the future include attending Villanova Law School this fall. Earlier this year, I received a three-year full scholarship to attend Villanova for the duration of law school. After law school, I plan to become a practicing attorney with my ultimate goal being to one day be a federal judge.

This award means everything to me. I have always been someone that has placed an extremely high value in educational excellence. Being a part of the top five percent of the University demonstrates to me that my dedication to the continuation of my learning is paying off.”


Ariana Pacheco – Connecticut

“This award means so much to me. I got married at 18 and started a family a year later with my husband. This caused many to doubt our capabilities to further our education and begin a career. This award signifies all the hard work I have put in thus far. It will someday show my children that anything is possible when you have God by your side and motivation.

So many times, I felt like I was in over my head with going to school, having a full-time job and a mom to three under 5. I not only finished my MBA degree but also maintained a 3.9 GPA and embraced my education. Despite the hardships, I never lost sight of my motivation– my family. This will show students like me that anything is possible if you want it bad enough. The journey can feel long, but it will all be worth.”


Jenny Bobadilla Pincos – Hartford, CT

“This milestone is not only the fulfillment of a long-held dream but also a beacon of inspiration for my daughter to recognize that dedication and perseverance can overcome any obstacle on the path to realizing her aspirations and ambitions.”


Grace Glasrud – Delano, Minnesota

“Next year I plan to continue my studies at Post University and get my MBA while working as a graduate assistant in the Athletic Communications department. This award means a lot to me just in the simplicity of the fact that I was able to become a Baldrige Scholar while also being an athlete. It proved that I am capable of being a scholar even when I may doubt myself. I never thought of myself to be the smart one in my family, but this shows me that I’m smart in my own way, especially when I set my mind to it.”


Matthew Allen – Meriden, CT

“This award means a great deal to me. I wasn’t the greatest student when I began my journey at Post University. I struggled with time management and had the attention span of a gnat. Fortunately, Post University provided me with tremendous resources and surrounded me with even better people. From walking onto campus for the first time to right now, I have grown as both a student and a person. I believe this award signifies my growth and is a manifestation of the hard work and dedication that I’ve put into the last several years. A degree doesn’t tell the whole story, but this recognition does. I am honored to be a part of it.


Joel Law – Originally from Kendal, England. Now resides in Shelton CT

“Receiving the Baldrige scholarship awards has profound significance for me, especially as a student that returned to school a few years later than the traditional path. This recognition symbolizes a dedication towards continuous improvement through education. This award also serves as a reminder to myself, and hopefully to others, that the pursuit of knowledge and development has no time constraints, and with perseverance and hard work you can always look to further improve your personal and professional life by constantly pushing boundaries and striving for further greatness.”


Melissa-Ann Phillip – Originally from Trinidad. Currently, resides in New York

“This award culminates in all the significant decisions I have made over the past three years and affirms the hard work, dedication, and leadership qualities that I have strived to hone throughout my career and academically.  It will be a reminder to me of my journey to continuously improve and not only meet but exceed standards. “


Annunciata De-Souza-  London, England

“Being a two-time Baldrige Scholar, this award means a great deal to me. I have once again proved to myself that applying all my efforts into everything that I do and leading with my heart, there is no limit to what I can accomplish. I have been involved at Post a great deal this year, through being a Resident Assistant, Campus Life Social Media Associate, Marketing Intern at Chartwells, DEI Council Representative, Business Student Advisory Board Member, and Women’s Tennis Team Captain, the skills and qualities that I have learnt through these many positions have enabled me to thrive and be a voice for students to want to open doors for themselves and seek out opportunities in the world of business.”


Taina Pagan – New London, CT

“This award means that I have made my mark at Post University. I’ve had many achievements throughout my five years here. I was the first Latina to receive the Malcolm Baldrige School of Business Scholarship, I was in the honors program throughout my entire undergraduate career, always made the president’s and dean’s list and interview WNBA players but I’ve never been acknowledged for being part of the top 5% of my graduating class. And for that, I am extremely grateful. I am graduating with many academic and athletic achievements, as well as unforgettable memories with my classmates, teammates, and coworkers.”


.Andrea Therese Molina – Carroll County, Maryland

“Being a Baldrige Scholar means excelling with diligence, dedication, and determination. Aligning my values with the Baldrige values helped me discover and fine-tune my knowledge, skills, and abilities as a transformational leader who inspires, challenges, and influences others. The Baldrige criteria boosted my confidence to lead mentorship programs and readiness and resilience initiatives. I will commit to continuing my education to pursue further excellence and encourage others to never give up on their dreams.”


Jennifer Riquelme – Fairfax, VA

“I cannot express my gratitude enough towards the Baldrige School and the faculty members that have supported me and motivated me to reach for exceptional endeavors throughout my college years and for the future. This awards not only represents my academic success but the work of all my professors have contributed for me to be able to receive this awards and I cannot be for grateful.


Niklas Langenfeld –  Munich, Germany

“I am honored to receive this award as it highlights my striving to greatness in and outside the classroom, trying to always unlock further potential”


Hayden Hindman – Bowmanville, Ontario, Canada

“I am so humbled to receive this award among so many deserving candidates. Throughout my time here at Post, I have tried to embody the Baldrige principles emphasized early in my journey during BUS211. As a leader in the community, it is important to innovate, lead with a purpose, and have a strong moral compass. Receiving this award is a testament to the hard work invested thus far, but also now inspires us to continue on our trail of excellence by excelling in our future endeavors.”


Other 2024 Baldrige Scholars

Ian Wivestad, Watertown, CT

Omar Florindo, Italy

Alessandro Salvadori, Italy

Zesua Iglehart, Hamden, CT

Mariusz Zalewski, East Hampton, CT

Anthony DeFranco, Farmington, CT

William Messner, Sr., Torrington, CT

Kyle Barbieri, Thomaston, CT

Juliana Rigano, Franklin Square, NY

Gregorio Salazar, Jacksonville, FL

Aaron Scripture. Madison, AL

Niclas Esch, Germany

Kim Catarina Griesbach, Germany

Brian Klebanski, Finleyville, PA

Vanessa S. Davis, Baltimore, MD

Roger B. Myers, Omaha, NE

Joshua M. Rose, Waxahachie, TX

Richardo D. Ramirez, Volo, IL