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October 8, 2021

Hello Eagles,

Have you ever considered the value of your diploma?  What it is actually worth?  I imagine that some of you may immediately think of monetary value and respond that it is a very expensive piece of paper.  Others may respond more philosophically that it is the tangible representation of years of focus and grit that leads to new opportunity.  And both of these are true.  But I ask that you think about your diploma from one more perspective, that of academic integrity.

At Post University, our diploma is a proud declaration to the world that you, our students, have learned a set of skills/knowledge and demonstrated the academic standard required to earn your degree.  Through this lens, your diploma’s value is based entirely on the culture of academic integrity upheld by the students, faculty, and associates at our university.

I share this because it has come to my attention that some online learning platforms have been actively reaching out to students, faculty, and associates at higher education institutes, including Post, to (1) offer opportunities to download tests, quizzes, and other course materials or (2) inquire about purchasing or bartering for course materials.  Sharing or downloading course materials from sites like this is cheating and it violates our Academic Integrity Policy.  But more so than that, when your peers use these materials to cheat in class- to demonstrate a set of knowledge that they have not truly learned- it dilutes the academic integrity of YOUR degree.

If we do not take deliberate action to preserve the academic integrity of our courses and programs, we risk not only the value of your diploma but the reputation of our university.  If you receive an inquiry from an online learning platform offering an opportunity to download Post University course materials or even offering to purchase University-owned materials, please forward the email to [email protected].  In addition, please remember that Post University has a clear copyright policy and reserves the right to take action against individuals who share or sell Post University-owned course materials.  See policy at the end of this letter for details.

I truly appreciate your support as we work together to protect the value of your diploma and our university’s culture of academic integrity.

My best,

Dr. Johnson



Post University Copyright Policy

Post University’s courses contain copyrighted resources created by the University or licensed from third parties.  In compliance with U.S. Copyright Law, these resources may not be reproduced, revised, or distributed without the written permission of Post University.  Individuals found to be in violation of this policy are subject to civil and criminal liabilities associated with the Federal Copyright Act, and risk dismissal from the University under the Academic Integrity Policy.  Unless otherwise noted, student access to these materials are limited to the period of time they are enrolled in the course.  Students should contact the library ([email protected]) for information on which resources can be printed.