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Post University Blog

As I prepare to go off to college in the fall, I have been considering different fields of study that I might like to pursue. One of the fields that piqued my interest was marketing because of combination of the creative and technical aspects. This summer, my internship is in the Marketing Department at Post University.

I think that if I have the ability to determine whether or not I actually enjoy marketing before I spend (at least) four years in college studying it, I should do that. That is one of my main goals for this internship. Also, doing an internship is a lot more interesting than sitting at home all summer waiting for college to start.

woman standing by a treeSo far I have only been here for a few weeks, but what I’ve learned already has been very interesting. The marketing department here is doing their best to show me all of the different sides of marketing, and there are a lot of things that happen in a college marketing department behind the scenes that I didn’t even realize existed. I hadn’t realized how many different technical aspects there are in marketing, such as student recruitment and search engine optimization. There have been plenty of new things to learn about and they have all been interesting. The first week was challenging as I didn’t know anybody at Post and I didn’t know my way around campus, but now that I’ve been here a while and have started to settle in I am able to navigate and find people more easily.

I’ve sat in on a lot of meetings and phone calls (and taken notes on a few of them). Many of the meetings I’ve attended also include departments other than marketing, such as admissions or IT, and it’s been very interesting to see how all of the departments work together to get projects done. I am also writing posts for the Post blog (like this one), so I get to interview people around campus and write posts. It’s interesting to write about other people, and it’s a nice break from all the self-reflective pieces that I had to write in high school and when applying to college. There are a few other projects that I am working on that involve gathering and organizing information. Most recently I helped put together an FAQ sheet for the orientation packet where I had to track down a lot of people from many different departments in order to get all of the questions answered. Because I’m also a freshman, I think my viewpoint is helping in addressing questions that students will have. I’ve also been helping add photos and videos into a shared library for the marketing department to use.

While this is my first time doing an internship during the summer, I have been using my summers as time to learn things outside of high school for the past few years. In the summer before eleventh grade I took a journalism class and a computer science class which was an interesting experience because my high school did not offer a journalism class and I did not want to commit an entire school year to studying computer science so it was nice to get a taste of those two subjects. The things that I learned in the journalism class are especially helpful when interviewing and writing about other people. During the summer before twelfth grade I took a sociology class and a media and film studies class which were both very interesting and also earned me some college credit.

I believe that this experience and the things that I will learn this summer will be very valuable for me to consider when I am making my final decision about what to study in college, and I am very grateful to all of the people who are taking the time to teach me about marketing. If at the end of the summer marketing is still my main choice of what to study, my plan is to go into the business program with a focus in marketing.

~ Emily Theisen