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Social Interaction in a Virtual Environment

Are you a third or fourth-year Post University student who is interested in diving into a more immersive and engaging experience with your classmates through virtual, augmented reality?

Jump in and explore this new world in COM_415 Social Interaction in a Virtual Environment. The course is available in Term 6 with Associate Faculty Maxwell McGee. COM_415 has been fully redesigned to apply the newest versions of virtual reality.

“VR is more than just technology; it’s an experience,” said McGee. “In my class, you’ll get the rare opportunity to present in a 3D world and gain futuristic skills that will help you in your career and open up incredible opportunities for your passion.”

If you are interested in signing up for COM_415, please reach out to your academic success counselor to get you enrolled. If you would like to take the course, but are not yet a third or fourth-year student, or if your course schedule does not permit it at this time, COM_415 will be offered again in the next academic year. Watch the video below to learn more!


Survey Opportunity: Help Us, Help You

Post University wants to improve your educational experience and you can help by completing the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE). NSSE helps us understand how students are spending time in and out of the classroom, which guides decisions that will benefit Post University students.

To take the survey:

  • Go to
  • Click on “don’t know your login ID”
  • Complete the easy, one-step verification process to log in

More information about NSSE is at If you have any questions about this project or how we plan to use the results, please contact Joe Lodewyck, Director of Assessment, by sending an email to [email protected].

Your feedback is valuable, and we want to thank you personally for considering this request.


Upcoming Events

“Radicalization & Violent Extremism Today” Registration Link

“Propaganda & Extremism Today” Registration Link

Check out the full list of upcoming events here.


We Welcome our American Sentinel Nursing Students!

The demand for well-educated healthcare professionals has long been indisputable, with the global pandemic further exposing the need gap.  With that purpose in mind, Post University merged with American Sentinel University in Denver, Colorado on Monday, March 15, 2021, creating American Sentinel College of Nursing & Health Sciences at Post University.

To learn more about this program and the acquisition, visit this webpage.