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SGA Academic and Leadership Award Winners

Each year, the Student Government Association and the faculty recognizes the outstanding accomplishments of our students in and out of the classroom.  Congratulations to all the 2021 award recipients! Click the link below to view the winners.

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Entrepreneur of the Year

Congratulations to Post student Jared Zima who was the recipient of multiple awards from the CT Entrepreneur Awards including “Student Entrepreneur of the Year!” He also won an award for “Scalable Venture,” an award not limited to students, meaning he was competing against all entrepreneurial ventures in CT.

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In January 2020, the Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (CEI) was launched.

Its purpose is to develop, encourage, and support an entrepreneurial mindset and learning among students, alumni, faculty, associates, and the communities we serve. Developing an entrepreneurial mindset in our learners requires infusing within the curriculum and experiences the following attributes: creativity, innovation, taking initiative, risk taking, critical thinking, problem solving, creating value, and adaptability. The CEI fosters experiential learning opportunities across multiple disciplines for students as they learn alongside business owners and mentors. Click here to learn more.


Internship Stars

Juan Rodriguez ‘21

Equine Studies | Wellness

Internship Site: Timber Town Stables Role: Farm worker\ Foal watcher

This internship helped me actually get a feel of what being a equine veterinarian is like. Being a veterinarian in the throughbred industry is very interesting but there is lots of pressure and also lots of dedication. Over time the veterinarians around me actually told me many things that I had to take into consideration for my future. Being a veterinarian takes lots of personal time. Having my personal time for myself and family is very important and well that’s what helped me decided to be a vet tech rather than a veterinarian.

Russell Brown ‘21

Human Services | Management | Psychology

Internship Site: Judicial Branch Experimental Learning Program/ American Red Cross  

I received a small taste of what was accomplished at each system of the Judicial Branch but was afforded the chance to observe the expectations that I would be asked to fulfill if I was an employee at each one. In addition to virtually visiting each program I was required to either read or watch a video on the section and then take a test, fill out a document that they would fill out, or write between a 250-1,000 essay on the experience in a log book.

I was asked to complete training requirements to qualify for different jobs with the Red Cross that interested me. After the completion of these trainings I was placed on the teams that would use this knowledge to help individuals that had been a victim of a disaster. I was placed on a team to be prepared if violence was to break out during President Biden’s inauguration.



Main Campus Students: Good luck on finals!

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