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Message from Scott Allen, Senior Vice President

It seems like we just welcomed our students back to campus, yet, here we are, approaching Thanksgiving and the holiday season – time really does fly.  As we look at the priorities on campus for the balance of this academic year, the health and safety of our campus community continues to top the list.  That involves continuous upgrades to our physical campus infrastructure as well as focusing on the mental health and well-being of our students and associates.  We want to support our students and help them reconnect—with one another, with faculty and staff, and with the Post campus. Ensuring our students have a sense of belonging and stay involved on campus is paramount to their academic success and personal happiness.  As the pandemic continues to subside we are pleased that the majority of our freshman and sophomores are now able to actively participate in a traditional academic experience.  This means no remote learning or mask requirements on campus.   While it is important that we continue to follow precautions, the relaxing of restrictions is helping our students develop a positive mindset that plays an important in their academic success.

Technology has certainly shaped and formed today’s Gen-Z student.  It has given them new ways of relating to one another.  We want and need to meet them where they are so they can have an experience at the University that is human, personal and caring in the context of a community where each person matters. 

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Meet the Campus Life Team

Previously known as both Residence Life and Student Life, the department was renamed to Campus Life.  We made the change to better represent our entire student population, including main campus resident students and commuter students. 

Jeff Olsen is taking on the role of Dean of Students in addition to his current role as Vice President of Student Experience.  Jeff has held several roles during his 12-years with the University and will work to develop and enhance the student life, campus life, and overall student experience.

Daniel Guerrera has been appointed the Director of Campus Life.  Daniel has been at Post since June 2021 and previously served as the Program Manager for Activities and Leadership Development within the Center for Career and Professional Development.  Daniel has a strong passion for helping all students feel comfortable and engaged while on campus.

Sabrina Martino moved into the role of Community Director, having previously served as Community Assistant. Sabrina holds two bachelor’s degrees in Child Studies and Human Services from Post, graduating Cum Laude with Honors Program Distinction.  Sabrina joins Grace Berry and Marcus Williams who are also Community Directors on the Campus Life Team.



Post values the development of the whole student—mentally, physically, emotionally, culturally and socially. We realize that mental health and well-being are primary concerns for students and their loved ones during their time at the University.  Meet Dr. Renee Pitre, the new director of the Counseling Center and our student-athlete wellness team.

You@Post is the online portal supported by the Counseling Center and allows students to explore and develop pathways to success, with strategies and tools to allow your Eagle to explore new ways to succeed, thrive and matter during their time at the University. The You@Post portal is personalized to individual unique academic and personal goals and is aimed to cultivate individual and community care.

There is also SOAR (Student Online Assistance Resource) that provides 24/7 access to several important services, including counseling, financial resources, legal support, and personal convenience services. This service, at no extra charge, is confidential and available to family members living within the same household as a Post student. Your student can help you access this information.

Did you know?

Every Sunday afternoon, Post students are sent a newsletter delivered directly to their email inbox from Marketing and Communications Department, titled Eagle Eye View.  This publication highlights events and opportunities happening at Post as well as ways to participate in programming sponsored by the University and student organizations, including a feature on wellness and support services. Created to reduce email clutter by compiling campus news and events in a clear, organized way, and is a great way for your Eagle to learn of the latest events and happenings on campus. If your Eagle is looking to get involved, encourage them to check out the Eagle Eye View.

SPRING 2023 ACADEMIC CALENDAR  Please visit the Office of the Registrar (link to calendar) for the most updated information regarding the academic calendar. 

ATHLETICS: With 22 sports, there is always a team to cheer for and action to follow. To stay connected to our athletic teams and the schedule of games, please use this link:


Workforce Ready Initiatives at Post – Message from Dr. Elizabeth Johnson, Provost  

Students choose to attend college for myriad reasons. But one objective they nearly all have in common is a shared understanding that a college degree is the required entry fee for their career of choice. Yet in the last decade or so, it has become apparent that the degree alone may not be enough. Workplace recruiters are looking for candidates with more than just theoretical book knowledge; they want college graduates who are workforce ready.

At Post University, we are prepared to make our graduates just that. We have initiatives across the University- both in progress and well underway- designed to prepare our students are workforce ready when they graduate. These efforts originate with purposeful integration of technical and soft skills into our academic curriculum and courses. In the last 18 months, we have imbedded the opportunity to complete more than fifty industry-recognized micro credentials (from credentialing bodies such as FEMA, CDC, Google, PMI, and Comp TIA) across our undergraduate courses and programs. Completion of these micro credentials allows our students to validate to potential employers that they can effectively demonstrate the practical and technical skills they have learned in the classroom. 

As a complement to these technical skills, we have also redesigned our General Education program to emphasize and impart the life and career skills (including empathy, adaptability, growth mindset, problem solving, and digital literacy) that employers repeatedly express are essential for workplace success. While the new General Education program is effective in the 2023-2024 academic year the integration of soft skills into undergraduate coursework began over a year ago, so our students are already benefitting from the new design. 

And of course, the best way to hone these skills is through an internship experience (or two or three!) during college. Between the student-focused career development associates in our newly redesigned Center for Career and Professional Development (CCPD) and the extensive networking potential of our faculty and associates, we can support students in preparing for and landing the right internship or practicum to further polish and demonstrate their skills. 

In the coming months, in collaboration with the CCPD, our Advisors will be trained on career development theory and practice. This will allow them to go beyond traditional academic advising and provide career-focused guidance on which courses, concentrations, minors, or micro credentials will support each student in their effort to break into their specific career of choice. 

So, maybe a college degree is no longer enough. Through our Workforce Ready initiatives, Post University students will have the opportunity to build out their resume- and themselves- to demonstrate that they are so much more than the college degree they earned. They are workforce ready.