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Welcome Parent Eagles!

Welcome to the Post University Eagles family.  As we reflect on this past year, it is fair to say that we are all ready to return to some sense of normalcy, and in looking ahead to the upcoming academic year, we want you to know how delighted we are that your student will be joining us this fall.  Whether in person on campus or virtually, it’s a time of excitement, and perhaps some nervousness, as your child is about to embark on or continue their college journey.  These past 16 months have made us realize just how much promise, optimism, and energy all students bring to our campus community, and we are eagerly awaiting their arrival at the end of August. 

All students have received a message on the necessary steps they must complete.  This includes the following:

  1. Completing the housing application form for new/transfer students or returning students planning to live on campus and scheduling a move-in/check-in time when they return, which can be completed on the Orientation and Return to Campus page
  2. Completing checklist items for new/transfer students and returning students located through the attached links.
  3. Understanding and following vaccination requirements.

Please Note the Following Important Dates 

  • Tuesday, August 24, 2021 at 7:00 p.m. Eastern time: join Post University’s Dean of Students and others for a virtual session where you can get your questions about the upcoming academic year answered.  Please register for this event no later than Friday, August 20, 2021. 
  • Thursday, August 26, 2021: First-Year and New Transfer Student Move-In and Orientation Begins 
  • Friday, August 27, 2021: Sophomore Student Move-In and Orientation Begins 
  • Saturday August 28 and Sunday, August 29: Junior and Senior Move-In and Return to Campus Events 


Dean of Students Shares Warm Welcome to Students


Meet the Provost



Meet the Senior Vice President 

Scott Allen has had various roles within the Post University administration since 1999, and has been the steady hand over the past 23 years throughout the many changes at Post. Currently, as Senior Vice President, Scott oversees several key departments, including Student Life, Athletics, Campus Safety, Facilities, Food Service, Events, and Capital Projects.  Most importantly, Scott is an advocate for all students on campus. His office is located on the second floor of Torrance Hall.


Meet the Director of Campus Security

Robert Maxwell is a former captain in the Waterbury Police Department. He is responsible for supervising and coordinating the security and law enforcement activities of all campus safety officers. Additionally, he is responsible for creating a culture of safety within the University community and for bringing together students and associates as part of that process.

Among other duties, Maxwell leads campus security personnel, directs the University Threat Assessment Team and engages students and associates in preparedness efforts, which encompasses safety training and emergency drills, among other elements. He is also involved with Post online students, helping ensure they operate in a safe and secure learning environment.


Services Available to Students

Counseling Center: Provides main campus students with an opportunity to explore their problems and concerns confidentially with a professional psychotherapist. Main Campus students have access to psychiatric services through the Center as well. We provide individual, couples and group services. Outreach is also available to student organizations, residence halls, faculty and staff.

Student Online Assistance Resource (SOAR): SOAR will give Post students access to:

  • Counseling Services– Post students will be eligible for up to three confidential counseling sessions per year with licensed, professional counselor to address personal, emotional, and psychological concerns.
  • Financial Resources– On-staff Certified Public Accountants (CPA) can assist students with financial planning, debt resolution, tax guidance, and more.
  • Legal Support– Students can access “on-call” licensed attorneys for legal guidance on matters such as adoption, home purchases, will preparation, and more.
  • Personal Convenience Services– Specialists are available to provide qualified referrals for child and elder care, pet care, college planning, buying a car, and more.

YOU@Post: a unique and free web portal dedicated to student health, happiness and success. YOU@Post helps lead to success in academics as well as focusing on physical and mental health. It also assists in finding a purpose and sense of connection and involvement in the university. Whether a student is struggling with grades, stress, anxiety, or even making new friends, YOU@Post has resources to help. It emphasizes individual well-being and self-awareness by offering tools and resources for exactly what you need to succeed, thrive, and matter… 24/7.

Center for Academic Success (CAS): The CAS is available to provide students with the academic assistance needed to achieve their goals. These services are offered at no additional cost. The center has professional tutors, as well as peer educators. The CCPD helps with career portfolio building, resume writing, interview skill development, grooming, networking skills, and effective job search training.

Awato: a tool designed to help students build the career path best suited for them.  After completing a series of quick assessments, the Awato platform can learn and analyze some 400 data points that can match students with careers they’ll love and education paths they might want to pursue.