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Post Alumnus Jason Dallimore received his master’s degree in human services with a concentration in alcohol and drug counseling in 2016. Dallimore, who owns his own construction business, wanted to shift his career focus to helping others with their mental health.

Growing up in an abusive household, Dallimore developed some unhealthy addictions. He was not only able to conquer these adversities but is now motivated to help others do the same. “Because I can relate to many of my clients, compassion and empathy come naturally.”

Dallimore began social work after he received his undergraduate degree in human services from Idaho State University. “When I started to see my clients make progress, I truly knew that I was on the right path. There was a shift in my desires to be working with my clients rather than at my construction business. I then decided to pursue my master’s degree so that I could receive licensure to counsel.”

While attending Post as an online student, Dallimore felt a refreshing difference from his previous school. “Instructors as Post offer constructive feedback and genuinely care about their students,” he said.

Upon receiving his graduate degree at Post, Dallimore completed his internship in alcohol and drug counseling, amounting to 1,000 hours in sessions. Dallimore shares that one of the best experiences he had through that internship was witnessing the positive transformation through his all-natural holistic meditation approach with a client who had a rare form of stage four cancer. “This client said they received and benefited more from me in our eight months together than they ever did in their past 15 years of counseling experience with other licensed counselors,” said Dallimore.  “It’s amazing to see these positive changes within clients as a result of the work you performed with them,” said Dallimore.

In March, Dallimore was issued a Licensed Professional Counselor and on April 6, he began his new counseling position at Madison County District Seven. Dallimore shares what an amazing help the Director of Master of Science in Counseling and Human Services was to him while filling out his necessary paperwork to receive his license.

“Dr. Beruth was amazing. She helped me without any obligation of doing so, and having that support was above and beyond what I expected, especially years after I graduated.”

It was a journey for Dallimore, balancing running his own business while going back to school. He shares that while he had to sacrifice his social life, it was well worth it.

“If you want to achieve something, just stay strong and stay focused,” said Dallimore. “And more importantly, never lose sight of self-care in the process. It helps!”