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Post University is marking the 95th anniversary of Black History Month with a slate of virtual events to educate and inform our students, associates, and alumni on the significance of this month-long celebration.

The month’s activities, events, and roundtables are hallmarked by Post’s marquee event, an evening with Sybrina Fulton, “From Pain to Purpose: The Time is Now to Own Democracy.”  After overcoming years of pain and turmoil following the tragic death of her son Trayvon Martin, Fulton has become a champion for gun violence and police reform.  She has turned her pain into passion and works to inspire the younger generation to become active participants in this change.

Fulton’s appearance is sponsored by the University’s Inclusion and Diversity Council (IDC), in partnership with University Events and Student Life.

Leader of The IDC and Vice President of Associate Experience Wesley Debnam expresses,

“Sybrina Fulton’s national campaign to tell her story about the senseless, police inflicted loss of her son, Trayvon Martin, is an important reminder of how far we have to go to bring about long-overdue change in the area of racial equality and social justice.  As a member of Post’s Inclusion and Diversity Council and the management team, I encourage us all to face the brutal honest lessons associated with her son’s death that must not be repeated.

In addition, Sybrina Fulton’s story is a reminder why Post’s noble mission in this area must continue through perseverance and courageous actions.  Her ongoing conviction to help others avoid a similar fate as her son is both an inspiration and motivation for all of us to rise up and do our part!”

Additional events planned for Black History Month include:

  • In line with the Association for the Study of African American Life and History’s (ASAALH) 2021 Black History Month theme, “The Black Family: Representation, Identity, and Diversity,” University events will host a roundtable entitled “Around the Table: Traditions of the Black Family.” This informal conversation will center around traditions of the Black family as experienced by members of the Post community.
  • All month, the Avis Gaming Association, in collaboration with the esports team, will be featuring games created by Black developers during their weekly variety Twitch streams.

Events already held include:

  • Student Life, in conjunction with the Events office, hosted Mohammed Bilal: “12 Steps Toward Inclusion.” Best known as the voice of reason on MTV’s Real World San Francisco, he is an accomplished diversity and inclusion consultant, a strategist, a poet, and an award-winning producer of both music and film.
  • “The Black History Quiz Show,” which was a chance for all members of our community to test their knowledge, learn something new and challenge their assumptions.
  • The Black Student Union hosted Kevin Payne during their weekly “Let’s Talk About It” series to discuss mental health in the Black Community.

Post students, associates, and alumni can view and register for all events by visiting our calendar.