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Post University Blog

Today is National Entrepreneurs’ Day. In honor of the day, Post University’s Dean of The Malcolm Baldrige School of Business Jeremi Bauer conducted interviews around downtown Waterbury with local entrepreneurs. He spoke with Patrick Nay, Co-founder of Definitive Technology Group, Chris Smith of IMBCT (a martial arts school in Waterbury), Michone Arrington, Donte Jones, and James Thompson the owners of The Art of Yum, and the President of United Way of Greater Waterbury, Kristen Jacoby.

When Bauer asked each of them to give advice to aspiring entrepreneurs, some of the responses he received were the following:

“Be fearless. Walt Disney said it best. ‘If you could dream it, you could pursue it.’”

“Take pride in what you do. Wake up and love what you do every day.”

“Stay committed. Stay on your path. Don’t listen to what anyone tells you unless it’s positive.”

Bauer then asked them for one word to emphasize where these aspiring entrepreneurs’ focus should be. “Passion,” “Organization,” “Quality,” “Respect,” and “Action” were the words that came to mind.

So, on National Entrepreneurs’ Day, we say thank you. Entrepreneurs create new jobs, ignite innovation, and make contributions to our economy – both locally and nationally.