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Flexible learning is important for all adult learners. For an adult learner with a family and two careers, one of which requires worldwide travel, flexibility is truly vital.

When Hector Vasquez enrolled in Post University’s MBA program, he knew he wanted to advance his career and grow his professional toolbox; he also knew he wouldn’t be in one place for very long while he did it. With frequent business trips to South America, and a large amount of time in Mexico visiting suppliers and customers, Vasquez knew he needed a program that would work around his busy schedule.  He was able to find that in Post’s online, Accelerated Degree Program.

Hector Vasquez thrived in Post's flexible learning programs.

Hector Vasquez

“The flexibility of Post’s MBA program allowed the learning to mold to my needs, rather than the other way around,” he said. “I was able fulfill my personal and professional duties, including a large amount of travel, and still be able to learn—regardless of where in the world I was.”

Vasquez, who is a New Product Development Program Manager at Dymax, a multinational corporation in Torrington, CT, and an Adjunct Professor of Engineering at Central Connecticut State University, will earn his MBA with a concentration in Marketing from Post next month. However, his MBA experience has advanced his career even before he collects his diploma in May, as both of his current positions were offered because he was on a path to earning a graduate degree.

As far as his professional toolbox, Vasquez feels the wealth of material covered across the MBA program widened his horizons and expanded his business acumen.

“I found the in-course materials to be captivating, engaging and applicable to what I was doing,” he said. “I have been able to implement many of the learnings into my real world activities immediately.”

It wasn’t just the faculty that helped Vasquez grow in the MBA program, it was his peers who were also working in the field and bringing their learnings from across disciplines into the course.

“The professors were responsive, helpful and knowledgeable, but it was the feedback and experiences shared through the discussion boards and assignments that really cemented each lesson,” he said.

Vazquez’s efforts, which spanned two and a half years and multiple countries visited, will be rewarded as he takes one more trip—this time across the graduation stage on Post’s Great Lawn to collect his MBA.

“After all the long nights and all of the assignments and pages read, walking in graduation will feel like a triumph and a reward, not just for me, but for my entire family who has supported me over this journey.”