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Robert McGrath was sure of two things before starting his journey at Post, he was born to teach, and he loved business. As an elementary education teacher, McGrath had a strong desire to put these two passions together, but wasn’t sure how to blend them both.

He found the answer in Post University’s MBA program in the Malcolm Baldrige School of Business.  McGrath has used the knowledge he gained in the MBA program, and the recent completion of his degree, to land the perfect job for him – a high school business teacher in the Waterbury, CT school system.

Robert McGrath shares his Post journey in this My Post Experience blog.

Robert McGrath

“I was happy teaching elementary education and knowing I was making a difference in the lives of many children,” said McGrath. “However, that love for business was still there, and I knew I needed to find a career where I could do both.”

McGrath did his research on online MBA programs and assessed which programs were flexible enough to maintain his teaching position, and his position as a high school football coach, while still spending quality time with his family and friends. He settled on a university right in his backyard and enrolled at Post in 2013.

With courses in accounting, marketing, finance, project management and several other areas, McGrath got the business knowledge he craved at the pace he could manage. Near the completion of his program, with his sights set on a business teaching position, McGrath sat for the high school business certification test and found his coursework immediately paying dividends.

“When it came time to take the test, I was very prepared because the core foundations of the MBA program covered everything that was asked of me,” he said.

McGrath is now taking the practical skills and knowledge he gained and applying it to the high school business teaching position he earned. His goal is to show high school students that learning about business can be fun and that pursing a business degree is a smart choice.

With graduation looming next month, McGrath reflected on the many long nights he spent during the MBA program and how the support he received helped take his experience to the next level.

“It wasn’t easy, but the professors at Post are a major support system,” he said. “The professors were always there to answer my questions and provide me with proper guidance. They knew our ability and pushed us beyond that, to show us that we could do it.”

McGrath proved to himself that he could do it and now has his dream job, and a diploma, to show for it.

“May seventh will be a great day to remember,” he said. “I’m very proud of what I have accomplished and walking with my classmates from the MBA program will be an honor. I can’t think of a better way to complete this amazing journey.”