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Post University Junior Kathleen Takita was named a finalist in the Fulbright MITACS Globalink competition which provides undergraduate students within the United States the opportunity to undertake an advanced research project in Canada for 10-12 weeks.

Takita is a forward on the University’s Women’s Ice Hockey Team and is currently studying for her bachelor’s degree in psychology. She plans to pursue her master’s degree in social work in 2021. “If given this opportunity, I would be able to feel out the different fields of psychological research while also gaining invaluable hands-on experience,” says Takita.

This program was brought to Takita’s attention late October, providing her with a week to prepare a CV, personal statement, two professional letters of recommendation and her official transcripts. Takita worked with Linda Kobylarz, the director of the Honors Program at Post University to perfect her personal statement. Clearly – that hard work paid off.

“I have the opportunity to put my name in for my top seven projects, some including transgender representation across the country, speech pathology in infants and toddlers and new therapeutic resources for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder.”

“This is a tremendous honor for Kathleen,” said Kobylarz. “Like many of our students, she demonstrates patience, hard work and determination.”

In March, winners of the Fulbright-MITACS Gloablink will be named.

Congratulations to Kathleen and best of luck in receiving this opportunity!