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WATERBURY, Conn. (April 2, 2023) ­­Post University Honors Program Director Linda Kobylarz was selected, as the “Honors Professional of the Year” by the Northeast Regional Honors Council (NRHC) on April 2. The organization dedicated to the encouragement and support of undergraduate honors learning. This prestigious award, recognizes outstanding education professionals who demonstrate a strong commitment and passion for Honors programming.

Kobylarz has been the director of the Honors Program since 2012. After a successful launch for the on-campus community, she expanded the program to University’s online students in 2020. Today, the Post Honors Programs now includes over 1,600 students who follow a rigorous academic path that fosters academic excellence, community-involvement, leadership, while building a foundation for lifelong learning. Several Post University Honors undergraduates have also earned recognition as Commencement Valedictorians, including one student who was recognized with a Fulbright-Mitacas fellowship.  Graduates from the Honors Program typically enroll in graduate school or secure positions in their chosen fields.

“Linda is a notable example of how Post University makes is personal for a student. She truly wants each and every student in the program to succeed. Beyond her dedication to the program, her charisma and passion is what captures students to join the program.  She gives light to creative service projects, academic endeavors and countless new relationships,” said Post University Provost Dr. Elizabeth Johnson.

Colleagues and students can nominate candidates for the award, which is presented to winners annually during the regional spring honors conference. This year, award winners were recognized during the NRHC’s April regional conference held in Pittsburgh, Penn.

According to the council’s website, “To qualify for this recognition, the honors professional must continually demonstrate a dedication to honors education at his/her honors program/college. This individual is passionate about honors, an advocate for students and embodies the values of his/her honors program/college.”

The NRHC is an organization of students, faculty and administrators dedicated to the encouragement and support of undergraduate honors learning.

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