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An enduringly popular college degree, the study of psychology grants students an in-depth understanding of the workings of the human mind, and how mental characteristics drive behavior. This knowledge proves beneficial in a vast range of professional pursuits. The following are just a few of the many career opportunities available to psychology graduates:

Clinical Psychologist

A Bachelor of Arts in Psychology serves as an essential stepping stone on the path to success as a clinical psychologist. A master’s degree is sufficient for select positions, while others require doctoral education. Through undergraduate endeavors, students gain an essential overview of research methods and other fundamental topics. The job outlook is quite promising in this field, which boasts median annual earnings of $75,230.

Career Counselor

Students experience significant anxiety as they deal with the day-to-day stressors of growing up in today’s competitive world — and as they plan for the future. Career counselors can ease both current and future burdens by providing gentle guidance and targeted advice. They work in high schools, at community colleges, and in a variety of other environments. A Bachelor of Arts in Psychology is a great start for aspiring career counselors, but graduate-level education is nearly always necessary. In 2016, the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics reported annual median wages of $54,560 for school and career counselors.

Psychology Teacher

If you’re interested in working in education but not as a school or career psychologist, you could be the perfect candidate for a psychology teaching position. You’ll prepare students for post-graduation life. Depending on your position, you may even help them obtain college credit and fulfill general education requirements. The BLS reports median earnings of $58,030 per year for high school teachers, but psychology teachers often command even higher wages.

Behavioral Disorder Counselor

From substance abuse to eating disorders, behavior issues cause significant physical and mental duress for a huge subset of the population. Behavior disorder counselors provide much-needed relief by developing effective treatment plans and helping clients develop the skills needed to overcome their mental health issues. Median annual wages for this rapidly growing profession — which simply requires a bachelor’s degree — reached $42,150 in 2016.

Market Research

Years of studying motivation equip psychology graduates with a unique perspective on personal buying habits. As market research professionals, psychology experts use their expertise to determine who will purchase specific products or services, and for what price. Median wages for market research hit $62,560 in 2016, and experts anticipate a better than average outlook for the field through 2024.

Public Relations Specialist

Public relations specialists strive to create the most favorable impression possible for the business or non-profit they represent. Psychology graduates understand what appeals to target populations. They apply their knowledge to PR campaigns in hopes of generating a favorable public image. According to the BLS, PR specialists earn a median $58,020 per year. Those employed in technical services or in a research capacity enjoy greater earning potential.

Human Resources

Psychology majors gain an in-depth understanding of conflict and the emotions that drive it. This knowledge can prove incredibly beneficial in the human resources field, which regularly draws from psychology programs. Human resources workers help recruit and screen prospective employees. They also play a critical role in conflict resolution. The BLS reports a median annual income of $59,180 for HR specialists, who enjoy ample opportunity for advancement.

From clinical psychology to market research, a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology can open the door to an exciting array of career possibilities – or even graduate study. No matter your specific area of interest, you may enjoy a rewarding career in which you fully utilize the skills gained as an undergraduate psychology student.