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We are living in a virtual world, now more than ever. Sharing pictures, videos, milestones, daily thoughts, and frustrations. We want to share our lives with friends and family so we can feel close and keep up with each other. It’s inevitable that we will “creep” on others, but have you ever stopped to think who is looking at your profile and what they’re seeing?

Just like how you search for someone before you meet them or you search to see what an old friend is up to, employers do the same. This is of course to see who you are as a person and if the way you are projecting yourself on the internet is who they want to represent their company. Let’s face it, the internet has everything and anything. Employers will use search engines, whether it’s Google, Social Media, LinkedIn, etc… something will be available for the employer to see. Your resume could be phenomenal with all the experience needed, but one search of your name on the internet could risk even getting an interview.

Take a minute to google your name and see what comes up.

Instagram pictures of nights out with friends? Tweets of frustration about something you have no control over? Scandalous TikTok videos because “everyone’s doing them”? A mediocre LinkedIn that makes you think you should contact CCPD to help build a better professional profile? did a study in 2018 and found 70% of employers screen candidates using social media accounts when hiring. It doesn’t stop there though, because 43% continue to use social media to check on their existing employees (Driver, 2020). What you are posting on the internet could even risk the job you have.

Now is the time to make your profiles appropriate and professional. Delete the pictures and videos from spring break, make your pages private, and if you choose to keep your pages public, post positive, impactful thoughts and please check out Post University’s social media policy ( ) for even more guidance and best practices. Consider filling your social media presence with posts relating to careers you are interested in or milestones relating to your professional development.

Your professional journey starts now, create a profile that shows the employer why they want you on their team. Your future career depends on it.

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Stephanie Beach, M. Ed.

Career Programs and Leadership Advisor


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