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Written by Katie Shpak, University Writer

Personalized learning has, in recent years, become a trend in education. At Post University, it is our mantra and is the very reason Sophomore Alexander Steinbrick chose to attend Post.

At a young age, Steinbrick was diagnosed with CHARGE syndrome, which involved medical issues related to vision, heart, growth, and hearing. Initially, Steinbrick assumed that his educational pursuit would come to an end after he graduated from Seymour High School in 2016. However, his positive experiences working at Haynes Group, a development and building material company located in Oxford, CT, led him to believe that he was capable of far more—and Steinbrick has continued to prove just how much more.

After connecting with his high-school guidance counselor in 2018, Steinbrick was introduced to Post University. Unfortunately, not all colleges allow for such accommodations that Steinbrick required to succeed. When informed that Post would make all reasonable adaptions to ensure his success, Steinbrick did not hesitate to apply.

“As soon as I found out about the different accommodations and services, I needed to go look at Post. I was immediately drawn to the small campus and the proximity to home. The most important factor for me what that the professors were open to me using the technology I needed to hear, whereas other schools that I had looked into were not,” said Steinbrick.

Through the assistance of Post University’s Title IX and Disability Coordinator and the accommodations made to ensure equal accessibility and opportunity, Steinbrick has felt inclusive in all aspects of Post.

Technology is an essential component for Steinbrick to succeed in a work environment. To decipher color and enlarge text on a computer screen, he uses a screen magnifier device called ZoomText. Steinbrick also utilizes a Roger Pen, a handy microphone that can transmit the sound of multimedia devices, TV, and phone calls to his hearing aids.

“Both devices are important to me because, without it, I cannot follow instructions at work, contribute to meetings, and participate in class lectures and discussions,” writes Steinbrick in his personal documented journey entitled College and Work: A New Phase of My Life. “This technology has been the game-changer for me because it builds my confidence and allows others to focus on my contributions and not my disabilities.”

Steinbrick is a student in the University’s Malcolm Baldrige School of Business where he is studying marketing. His passion for marketing was discovered during his internship with Haynes Group in 2018, where he promoted events, networked, and created social posts on Haynes’ social media channels. When the internship ended, the owner hired him part-time to continue working in the marketing department, as he was impressed with the work Steinbrick produced.

After his first semester at Post, Steinbrick was accepted into the Honors Program.

“Alex brings new meaning to the words motivation and courage. He is a shining example of both. I am confident that he will share his specials insights with other Honors Program students and made a positive contribution to the program,” said Director, Honors Program Linda Kobylarz.

Though some additional challenges arose when the COVID-19 pandemic transitioned students to virtual classes, Steinbrick was not deterred from his goals.

“I had appropriate technology and relationships with my professors, who were great helping me adjust. The disability coordinator was valuable to me and the professors, as we all figured it out together,” wrote Steinbrick.

Steinbrick is a fighter, not allowing anything to impinge upon his career goals. He is looking forward to being back on campus with his classmates soon. He shares his story with the hopes to guide those with disabilities and learning deficiencies to pursue an education and follow their dreams.

“Post really does make it personal—they live up to their mission,” said Steinbrick.

For any students who may need additional support from our Title IX Disability Coordinator Jennifer Labate, contact her at [email protected].