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Post University Blog

What got you interested in science?

I remember always being interested in science and understanding how things work. I took an introductory Biology course in my freshman year of high school which jump-started passion for biological science, particularly health science. I quickly became fascinated with the complex biological principles which govern life. It is incredible to consider these scientific principles at play inside us and in the world around us. I also grew up with family in various healthcare professions and was inspired by their ability to influence lives through medical research and the practice of medicine.

What’s your major?

I am double-majoring in Biology and Human Services, with a minor in Chemistry.

What is one of the biggest advantages of studying science?

Science has innumerable applications in many fields of employment. Technically speaking, there is a science to every discipline imaginable, each with unique principles. Careers in STEM-related fields can be successful as well as very rewarding because of opportunities for involvement in scientific pursuits which can improve the human condition, such as advancements in research for cancer and rare genetic diseases.

Why should we care about the environment? 

The health of the environment has a direct influence on that of the general public. Overall, we should strive to maintain a clean environment and preserve the earth’s natural resources for future generations.