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Begun in 2017, National Intern Day, which is celebrated the last Thursday each July, recognizes accomplishments of college students and all their contributions to the businesses and organizations they are interning at.  While building critical real-world skills, interns provide invaluable support to their sponsoring organizations.  We caught up with a few of our interns and they shared some of their experiences:



Shahan Kukreja

Major/Minor: MBA Healthcare Systems Leadership

Graduation Date (anticipated): August 2020

Internship role: Administrative Intern at Seasons Hospice & Palliative Care

Plans after graduation: My goal is to land an administrative position with an opportunity to grow at either Seasons Hospice & Palliative Care or a similar type of healthcare organization.

What is something you learned at your internship that you did not learn in the classroom? I learned the importance of building an open and positive environment that encourages you to be yourself and allows you to be comfortable in your own skin.  Seasons has built a community of employees that cares for each other and works to support each other in order to best benefit our patients.



Amanda Regalado

Major/Minor: Business Management / Concentration: Marketing

Graduation date (anticipated): May 2021

Internship role: Marketing and Finance Intern at The Next Street

Plans after graduation: I plan to continue my education and move on to receive my master’s degree at Post

What is something you learned at your internship that you did not learn in the classroom (or anticipate to learn)? I learned that communication in any organization is key to being successful. I also learned being a positive and helpful person can come a very long way when being successful as an organization or an individual.



Dawn Fiasconaro

Major/Minor: Human Services / Concentration: Criminal Justice

Graduation date: May 2020

Internship role: Intern at Safe Haven of Greater Waterbury

Plans after graduation: To become a court victims advocate

What is something you learned at your internship that you did not learn in the classroom? How to interact with clients. Although I have been able to apply the tools I’ve learned in class, interacting with victims of violence has been the biggest eye-opener. Everyone’s experience and personalities are so different; it is important to know how to adapt to everyone’s needs and be empathetic.


To learn more about internships and practicums at Post University, check-out the Center for Career and Professional Development.