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Senior Corey Auten graduated from the Waterbury Police Academy this March. Auten is pursuing a double major in criminal justice and emergency management and homeland security. Admiring law enforcement since he was young, Auten always saw it as a potential future career for himself.

During his senior year at Bunnell High School in Stratford, CT, Auten was recruited to play on the men’s lacrosse team. “Though lacrosse is what initially attracted me to Post, I was excited to learn that I could double major in the two fields that I was most interested in,” said Auten.

corey auten graduating from police academyIn 2017, Auten saw that the Waterbury Police Department was recruiting police officers. He felt the timing was right to go for it. His lacrosse coach would have to take a back seat as he pursued his dream career. He completed the application to the department, took the written exam and passed it, along with the required physical fitness test and other background tests. As a recruit, Auten completed 32 weeks of training.

When Auten began taking classes for the Academy, he noticed that some of the content was a replica of what was taught in the courses he completed at Post.  Post prepared Auten for the Academy and for his career in law enforcement. “Professor David Jannetty helped guide me through the hiring process and procedures. He was a huge asset with his insight and years of field experience,” said Auten.

“I wouldn’t be where I am today without my teammates or coaches. When I received the news about starting the police academy, my teammates encouraged me not to turn down the opportunity, even though it meant I could not play my final season. My coaches were supportive, allowing me to miss the occasional practice to take the required tests during the hiring process for Waterbury P.D.,” said Auten.

Auten had to balance out 40 hours a week for the Academy, while still taking three online classes and one class on campus. While it was not an easy task for him to manage classwork and the Academy, Auten was motivated. He wanted to graduate from the Academy and stay on track with his course work at Post.

“I am not the type of person who can work a 9-5 job, which motivated me to push through the challenges, become more organized, and accomplish what I set out to do,” said Auten.

Auten will be completing his degree this summer. His goal is to become part of the Canine Unit and go to work every day with the most loyal partner one can have.