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Today’s business executive must be a leader, able to connect not just with clients but also with employees. It takes only a quick search online to show a Google-long list of companies imploding as a result of leaders who made off-the-cuff remarks or inappropriate statements. It goes without saying that, often, business leaders need more education in the people side of business. That’s why taking an organizational behavior course can help you not only perform well on the job once you get it … but also be a more interesting candidate to human resource departments.

What Are You Studying?

A degree in psychology with a concentration in organizational behavior can provide quite the insight into some of the most challenging areas within the business world today. This type of program lets you develop strong social skills in areas such as oral and written expression, social maturity, and critical thinking. It teaches a curriculum based on personality and psychopathology. This program also gives you the ability to use analytics to understand the “why” behind the decisions that individuals make. It teaches child and adolescent development, cultural influences on interactions with others, and the relationship between a person’s nervous system and behavior.

Bottom line: Learning organizational behavior gives you better insight into how humans interact and react, creating insight into management and relating to people well beyond the classroom. For this reason, it is one of the best ways to prepare for a career in the business world.

What Are the Real-World Applications of the Study of Organizational Behavior?

If you plan on managing people, it’s essential you understand organizational behavior. Studying human personality is critically beneficial – to you and to those you manage. It offers a great deal of insight into:

Understanding Human Personality

Why is it that people have the personality they have? By understanding this, it is possible to better understand their motivation in the workplace including what their ultimate goals are and what their needs are. For example, if you understand how to recognize what your employees need, whether they actively seek you out to tell you or not, you’ll have a better understanding of how to encourage them to perform at the highest level possible.

Revealing True Motivations

By taking a course such as this, you’ll also understand what will motivate an employee or a group of employees to achieve their various tasks and goals. It becomes possible for you to understand the underlying factors that contribute to the eagerness of an employee to act or not to.

Defining Group Dynamics

Within any workplace, there are intersecting – and sometimes clashing – group dynamics. Some employees tend to be natural leaders and rule-followers. Others push the limits. A business leader needs to be able to put employees into the right dynamic, encouraging a better ability for that group to function successfully as one. That can be a challenge without an understanding of how human personality works.

It’s All-Encompassing

By understanding behavior and human personality, you’ll be positioned to achieve a better level of organization and success within the workplace. Interactions, leadership, and even productivity stem from the ability of a manager to work through the needs of each individual to create a cohesive team.

Earning a psychology degree with a concentration in organizational behavior, whether starting a career or just building towards one, can be a very important step to true success. When you understand how to navigate human behavior and personality, you can lead and achieve more within your group. Employers recognize this important quality and often hire managers and leaders who demonstrate an ability to achieve these goals.