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The Provost’s list recognizes degree-seeking students who earn at least a 3.50 GPA while completing between 6 and 11 credits in one semester or two terms.


 Jason  Abbott Computer Information Systems
 Samantha A Abrams Early Childhood Education
 David  Abreu Accounting
 Sergio  Acevedo Computer Information Systems
 Joshua J Adams Criminal Justice
 Samantha  Adams Business Administration
 Savannah R Adams Psychology
 Ashley N Addair Legal Studies
 Haley  Adkins Child Studies
 Haley B Adkins Accounting
 Jill R Alaniz Management
 Stacey L Alexander Accounting
 Hassan  Ali Psychology
 Britany L Allen Management
 Octavia S Allen Psychology
 Torrencia  Allen Human Resource Management
 Hason A Alston Accounting
 Trinity K Alston Management
 Arlin A Alvarez Resendiz Criminal Justice
 Sandra M Amado Criminal Justice
 Edgar  Amaya Business Administration
 Yaovi A Ameto Accounting
 Treva M Amey Computer Information Systems
 Norman  Amos Human Resource Management
 Chantelle  Anderson Child Studies
 Steven L Anderson Human Resource Management
 Noni  Anunciacion Business Administration
 Roberto  Aranda Psychology
 Lorraine  Arasimowicz Child Studies
 Rebecca  Archambo Early Childhood Education
 Mistie L Arellano Accounting
 Jessie  Armfield Human Services
 Matthew  Aschliman Marketing
 Matthew K Ashmore Computer Information Systems
 Richard M Ashworth Finance
 Michael  Aubut Criminal Justice
 Marilee D Baas Computer Information Systems
 Charistera M Baber Management
 Russ  Baca Equine Studies
 Josh Karl V Bahillo Emergency Management and Homeland Security
 Jasmine E Bailey Business Administration
 Nakoria N Bailey Business Administration
 Tyler E Bailey Criminal Justice
 Peggy R Bain Legal Studies
 Rafael G Bajada Business Administration
 Wayne E Baker Management
 Pamela M Ballantine Marketing
 Michael J Bandanza Computer Information Systems
 Enrique J Barajas Business Administration
 Susan H Barbour Criminal Justice
 Cesar O Barinas Computer Information Systems
 Valerie L Barnett Psychology
 Samantha J Barney Management
 James A Barrett Computer Information Systems
 Antonio R Barron Business Administration
 Bakrkhie S Bartlett Management
 Allyson S Bastien Business Administration
 Kenneth C Bates Management
 Adony A Batista Finance
 Tasheka N Battick Finance
 Jeremi  Bauer Psychology
 David L Beal III Business Administration
 Danielle L Beasley Management
 Michelle  Beauchamp Human Services
 Randolph  Bellair Marketing
 Argjiro  Bellinghausen Business Administration
 Ryan M Bemish Human Resource Management
 Donna  Bennett Human Resource Management
 Michelle  Bermudez-Diaz Business Administration
 Daniel S Bernardez-Martinez Computer Information Systems
 Chris  Beyus Legal Studies
 Irie Lou Youanan D G Bia Business Administration
 Laura D Bingham Management
 Cherokee D Bishop Equine Studies
 Desiree E Bishop Child Studies
 Caleb C Black Emergency Management and Homeland Security
 Shawn A Blaise Business Administration
 Nicholas A Blanchard Management
 Jennifer  Blankenship Accounting
 Dawn M Bleckman Child Studies
 Lemuel M Blue Management
 Milly  Blumberg Psychology
 Martina M Boisvert Business Administration
 Megan  Bolton Equine Studies
 Christopher  Bonazzo Criminal Justice
 David  Bordbar Management
 Nicholas S Bordwine Business Administration
 Meghan J Bouck Child Studies
 James R Bouffard Emergency Management and Homeland Security
 Francine M Boyd Psychology
 Charlotte  Brader Equine Studies
 Hope  Brady Business Administration
 Isabel L Brady Human Resource Management
 Phoenix  Brammer Early Childhood Education
 Ashley-Michael  Brampton Emergency Management and Homeland Security
 Alejandro J Branch Marketing
 Nadea  Brandon Criminal Justice
 Joseph  Brasuell Sport Management
 Adam  Bray Equine Studies
 Celeste F Brighton Human Resource Management
 Katelyn R Brimmer Equine Studies
 Breanna L Brinkman Criminal Justice
 Ericka  Britt Criminal Justice
 Laura  Broderick Business Administration
 Melissa A Brophy Psychology
 Chelsea  Brothers Early Childhood Education
 Andrew  Brown Emergency Management and Homeland Security
 Destiny S Brown Criminal Justice
 Justine  Brown Early Childhood Education
 Rohan D Brown Criminal Justice
 Crystal A Brown-Knight Management
 Jacob D Brumfield Management
 Stephen W Brummitt Business Administration
 Carol  Bruske Psychology
 Diana  Bullock Early Childhood Education
 Angelo  Burkes Accounting
 Ryan C Burks Legal Studies
 Shelby  Burnett Psychology
 Kimberly K Burns Early Childhood Education
 Aracelli G Bussell Psychology
 Austin L Butler Emergency Management and Homeland Security
 Carl D Byington Psychology
 Krystal A Caccavale Accounting
 Brent M Cagala Psychology
 Clayton D Caldwell Management
 David H Calverley Accounting
 Stephen  Calvert Accounting
 Jill E Calvin Equine Studies
 Claudia  Camacho Business Administration
 Moussa A Camara Human Resource Management
 Laressa  Cameron Criminal Justice
 Curtis M Campbell Criminal Justice
 Miguel N Campos III Management
 Annette  Cannon Criminal Justice
 Genevieve B Cannon Human Resource Management
 Heather N Cannon Human Services
 Claudia E Cano Early Childhood Education
 Cheyenne C Capin Criminal Justice
 Brian  Cardrant Criminal Justice
 Elizabeth A Carlson Equine Studies
 Jose E Carmona Equine Studies
 Christopher M Carpentieri Emergency Management and Homeland Security
 Emmanuelle V Carrasco Communication and Media Studies
 David  Cash Business Administration
 Adam J Casole Business Administration
 Patrick  Cassidy Legal Studies
 Engel F Castrodad Criminal Justice
 Christopher P Cates Management
 Colleen  Cauley Psychology
 Christopher  Cervantes Business Administration
 Kimberly M Chadwell Early Childhood Education
 Christopher S Chambers Emergency Management and Homeland Security
 Tak C Chan Accounting
 Inocensio A Chapa Computer Information Systems
 Shenya S Charles Business Administration
 Gabriel N Chavez Business Administration
 Diana L Cheshire Criminal Justice
 Jerry L Childress Business Administration
 Teresa A Chipman Equine Studies
 Shannon  Chmielewski Human Services
 Yunsik  Choi Criminal Justice
 Ashleigh  Christie Management
 Taylor L Cioffi Psychology
 Leslie M Clark Accounting
 Nicholas R Clark Psychology
 Stephanie  Clark Emergency Management and Homeland Security
 Yvonne L Clark Business Administration
 Randy  Clarke Computer Information Systems
 Brittany M Clement Psychology
 James R Clingan Management
 Joanne J Cochran Psychology
 Alexis  Cohen Child Studies
 David  Colarusso Business Administration
 Angelo  Collazo Criminal Justice
 Hannah E Collett Psychology
 Zachary T Collins Emergency Management and Homeland Security
 Erin  Colon Human Services
 Lacianna  Comollo Early Childhood Education
 Jessica  Congdon Accounting
 Paige F Connery Psychology
 Daniel J Cook Computer Information Systems
 Michael R Cooney Business Administration
 Donavan S Copeland Communication and Media Studies
 Brooke A Corliss Marketing
 Michelle F Cormier Equine Studies
 Robert A Cornell Computer Information Systems
 Tara E Corrigan Equine Studies
 Felicia  Corso Early Childhood Education
 Maya M Cortes Psychology
 Natalie T Cossey Psychology
 Miriam  Cottle Human Resource Management
 Jaclyn M Coughlin Equine Studies
 Tom J Countryman Applied Mathematics and Data Science
 Marzetta  Craven Early Childhood Education
 Carl R Crawford Business Administration
 Selah R Crawford Business Administration
 Maria C Crespo Finance
 Quatima  Crichlow Child Studies
 Tiffany  Cristo Emergency Management and Homeland Security
 Amanda M Cross Business Administration
 Brooke N Crouch Child Studies
 Andrew  Cullen Business Administration
 Christopher  Cullen Criminal Justice
 Amanda D Cunningham Accounting
 Marissa A Cusack Psychology
 Michael  Cushner Equine Studies
 Ryan P Cyr Emergency Management and Homeland Security
 Cheryl A D’Amato Equine Studies
 Carissa M D’Amico Human Services
 Julian  Damacho Accounting
 Mitchell T Damron Human Services
 Aliciti F Daugherty Psychology
 Mark  Davidson Computer Information Systems
 Recardo L Davidson Business Administration
 Dana D Davis Business Administration
 Lionel  Davis Accounting
 Shawna N Davis Emergency Management and Homeland Security
 Violet M Davis Business Administration
 Wyatt  Davis Business Administration
 Stephen  Dayton Business Administration
 Daren S Deadmond Management
 Kenny  Deatley Accounting
 Tonya M Deaver-Pauldine Psychology
 Michael  DeBonis Marketing
 John C Delacruz Business Administration
 Audrey L DeLeuil Early Childhood Education
 Elder  Delius Criminal Justice
 Amber N Delp Early Childhood Education
 James  Demoranville Computer Information Systems
 Anastacia E Dempsey Child Studies
 Nadia F Dennis Psychology
 Kathleen P Devilbiss Equine Studies
 Kendra  Devine Communication and Media Studies
 Christine  DeVore Psychology
 Alejandro  Diaz Emergency Management and Homeland Security
 Ryan  Dibert Marketing
 Thomas  Dickinson Nursing
 Kyle  Dickson Emergency Management and Homeland Security
 Matthew R Dietz Business Administration
 Michelle D Digiantomasso Human Services
 Erik R Dillow Management
 Annalina L Dimaggio Management
 Caitlin M Domina Marketing
 Paige J Donaldson Equine Studies
 Clivens  Dorsainvil Business Administration
 Samantha N Dovenbarger Criminal Justice
 Chase J Downey Marketing
 Gerilee L Doyal Emergency Management and Homeland Security
 Michael  Doyon Business Administration
 Milton J Duarte Management
 Kathleen G Ducharme Psychology
 Lily  Duffy Computer Information Systems
 Dajana  Dule Finance
 Elizabeth V Duncan Business Administration
 Elizabeth  Duteau Accounting
 Travis C Duty Management
 Mary M Eandi Equine Studies
 Casandra M Earley Accounting
 Barcelina B Eay Criminal Justice
 Lori  Eckardt Equine Studies
 Joelle  Eckhardt Psychology
 Erika S Edge Criminal Justice
 Eliza K Edwards Computer Information Systems
 Lawonder P Edwards Legal Studies
 Tina M Edwards Human Services
 Kizzie D Eldridge Early Childhood Education
 Nicole A Elkins Business Administration
 Erica  Elliot Psychology
 Darrell  Emerson Legal Studies
 Justin S Engelmann Management
 Tyreeana  Epps Legal Studies
 Miranda M Erikson Human Services
 Samantha B Ero Early Childhood Education
 Richard l Esquivel Management
 Sean M Estevez Management
 Latoya A Evans Accounting
 Courtney H Everett Criminal Justice
 Nicole  Fahrenholz Business Administration
 Carolina  Fajardo Early Childhood Education
 Carlos  Farfan Criminal Justice
 Lincoln M Farris Equine Studies
 Christine M Farynaz Criminal Justice
 Joshua A Fasser Criminal Justice
 Morgan C Faulkner Management
 Patrick  Feeney Business Administration
 Jody  Fein Human Resource Management
 Alex J Feliciano Computer Information Systems
 Jan  Fennell Human Resource Management
 Zaynah A Fenske Equine Studies
 Shane I Ferguson Business Administration
 Christiane M Ferland Equine Studies
 Peter  Ferrer Mercado Management
 Michael T Fischer Management
 Tammy  Fisher Early Childhood Education
 Cynthia  Fitch Early Childhood Education
 Elana P Flecha Child Studies
 Sarah M Fliehmann Early Childhood Education
 Francisco J Flores Marrero Management
 Cortney K Fontus Management
 Dominique  Foote Management
 Christopher E Forney Human Services
 Corajan L Foster Psychology
 Daye A Foster-Carter Business Administration
 David L Fostier Emergency Management and Homeland Security
 Geneene M Fox Computer Information Systems
 Jonathan L Fox Management
 Patrick R Fox Management
 Tracey A Fraedrich Business Administration
 Kaitlyn A Franceschi Child Studies
 Emily  Frank Early Childhood Education
 Mikayla  Frierson Equine Studies
 Christopher E Frost Business Administration
 Ryan A Frost Computer Information Systems
 Autumn  Frye Legal Studies
 Davon B Fryson Early Childhood Education
 Rachel H Funk Business Administration
 Aide  Galindo Child Studies
 Brendan M Gallagher Marketing
 Christian  Galvez Marketing
 Elizabeth-Anne R Gammeter Equine Studies
 Karen D Garcia Rios Early Childhood Education
 Joeland J Garcia Management
 Douglas A Gardner Management
 Wonzie L Gardner Sport Management
 George  Garner Finance
 Giovana J Garriga Communication and Media Studies
 Robert J Garrison Emergency Management and Homeland Security
 Joseph  Garza Management
 Angelo  Gasgonia Criminal Justice
 Salonika C Gates Psychology
 Kayla A Gatton Business Administration
 Tajah  Gause Child Studies
 Leonard  Gelfond Business Administration
 Jamen M Gensure Management
 Hannah M Geraci Equine Studies
 Tiffany J Giertych Business Administration
 Sammantha N Gilbert Child Studies
 Kevin D Gileau Management
 Angelo P Gizzi Jr. Criminal Justice
 Star N Glatz Human Services
 Artis L Goddard Management
 Austin J Godfrey Business Administration
 Pamela A Gohn Emergency Management and Homeland Security
 Frank T Gomes Business Administration
 Christopher  Gonda Business Administration
 Magaly  Gonzalez Legal Studies
 Mayra K Gonzalez Criminal Justice
 Miguel A Gonzalez Business Administration
 Joseph E Goodson Business Administration
 Monquence A Goodwin Computer Information Systems
 Daniel J Gordon Management
 Deandre  Gorman-Brooks Computer Information Systems
 Colette A Gottesman-Shepard Equine Studies
 Erenia  Gramajo Early Childhood Education
 Isabel  Granados Child Studies
 Chris Y Grant Early Childhood Education
 Alissa  Grassmuck Child Studies
 Dacota D Graves Early Childhood Education
 Christian J Gray Criminal Justice
 Christopher J Gray Criminal Justice
 Garrett  Gray Sport Management
 Jarrad S Gray Human Services
 Marquez  Gray Criminal Justice
 Robert L Gray Business Administration
 Amanda R Green Management
 Nancy A Greene Equine Studies
 Monique S Greenlee Child Studies
 Mackenzie V Greenman Equine Studies
 Jakeem  Gresham Emergency Management and Homeland Security
 Amber C Griener Child Studies
 Marquis D Griffin Computer Information Systems
 Melanie M Grigg Accounting
 Joseph  Grosso Business Administration
 Jessica A Grotke Equine Studies
 Lisa M Grzywacz Human Resource Management
 Mahetzy M Guerrero Management
 Cheryl E Guiliano Accounting
 Monica  Guinn Business Administration
 Derek A Gullett Business Administration
 Mayra  Guzman Psychology
 Jaime  Habersang Nursing
 Chelsea N Hackenson Child Studies
 Naisah  Hadley Early Childhood Education
 Christopher S Hair Business Administration
 Kyle  Haley Management
 Ashley E Hall Early Childhood Education
 Rone A Hall Management
 Taylor L Hallett Emergency Management and Homeland Security
 Winsome  Hamilton Child Studies
 Cece  Hamlett Criminal Justice
 Paige M Hanlon Criminal Justice
 Anthony  Hap Computer Information Systems
 Erique D Harden Early Childhood Education
 Katelyn E Harding Equine Studies
 Zachary J Hargarten Marketing
 Michael D Hargis Business Administration
 Erica D Harkless Business Administration
 Keith  Harper Management
 Sarah D Harper-Riggs Equine Studies
 Sean D Harrel Management
 David A Harsch Communication and Media Studies
 Averia M Hart Psychology
 Jeffrey S Hartman Business Administration
 Joshua R Hasting Criminal Justice
 Rhonda C Haswell Criminal Justice
 Cheryl D Hatoum Human Services
 Susan A Havens Human Resource Management
 Melissa  Hawkins Legal Studies
 Evan A Heald Business Administration
 Kelly D Heathman Business Administration
 Chelsie L Hebert Early Childhood Education
 William  Heinz Business Administration
 Christopher J Henderson Emergency Management and Homeland Security
 Randy A Hendrix Emergency Management and Homeland Security
 Zane L Henninger Business Administration
 Jonathan C Hergesheimer Business Administration
 Christian  Herman Criminal Justice
 Nireysa  Hernandez Criminal Justice
 Ki’Eric  Hicks Management
 Miguevie  Hidalgo Criminal Justice
 Katie  Higgins Human Services
 Abraham  Higuera Accounting
 Aliena  Hill Criminal Justice
 D’Andre W Hill Computer Information Systems
 Tracey  Hill Early Childhood Education
 Pam D Hilton Child Studies
 Taraesha  Hinson Human Services
 Tia M Hoffman Accounting
 Michael D Hogancamp Management
 Daniel  Hollis Business Administration
 Aubrey D Holman Legal Studies
 Kimberly  Holt Psychology
 William  Holzhauser Business Administration
 Arletha M Hood Human Services
 Karolyn I Hooper Equine Studies
 Stephanie L Horton Equine Studies
 Lindyann M Hosten Early Childhood Education
 Sa’ran T Housey Legal Studies
 Derrell M Howard Marketing
 Jazzmine L Hubbard Criminal Justice
 Brittany  Huffman Child Studies
 Thomas C Hulbert Criminal Justice
 Shaniqua  Hullaby Legal Studies
 Diana M Ibanez Management
 Brianna  Ingram Human Services
 Sadie  Inlow Early Childhood Education
 Helena R Iovine Equine Studies
 Daniel A Irizarryramos Business Administration
 Cassandra M Irvine Business Administration
 Elizabeth C Isabelle Business Administration
 Abid  Islas Criminal Justice
 Tyler  Jackson Criminal Justice
 Mohamadou  Jaiteh Criminal Justice
 Krystal  James Management
 Chevelle M Jaminson Business Administration
 Lissuy K Jewell Criminal Justice
 Juan A Jimenez Business Administration
 Erin  Johnson Business Administration
 Keshia D Johnson Management
 LaCresia  Johnson Psychology
 Samuel L Johnson Human Services
 Stephanie  Johnson Business Administration
 Taylor R Jolitz Psychology
 Laron A Jolly Business Administration
 Bobby K Jones Computer Information Systems
 Kevin C Jones Emergency Management and Homeland Security
 Kirstie M Jones Criminal Justice
 Marla  Jones Management
 Seth A Jones Legal Studies
 Terrell  Jones Management
 Tim  Jones Legal Studies
 Briana V Jordan Child Studies
 Josie Y Jordan Psychology
 Victoria M Jordan Management
 Barbara  Jordan-Munnis Legal Studies
 Matthew J Joseph Human Services
 David K Kaita Management
 Alexander  Kajfasz Human Resource Management
 Abimbola  KalejAiye Nursing
 Elizabeth A Kavanagh Finance
 KaDra  Kee Early Childhood Education
 Kristen  Kelly Finance
 Sarah D Kelly Child Studies
 Matthew J Kenney Applied Mathematics and Data Science
 Ildaura A Kenton Hart Criminal Justice
 Kayla H Kerr Early Childhood Education
 Marc J Kerrigan Accounting
 Maureen  Keyser Early Childhood Education
 Deonna L Khan Nursing
 MaKenzie D Kierpiec Criminal Justice
 Teressa K Kilgore Psychology
 Karlton D Killebrew Business Administration
 Hailey M Kimball Business Administration
 Chantelle B Kimble Human Services
 Tara L Kingsland Human Resource Management
 Rhiannon D Kistler Communication and Media Studies
 Allison M Kittell Psychology
 Izabela  Klys Criminal Justice
 Kaitlyn T Knam Criminal Justice
 Charles R Knight Management
 Ebony N Knight Criminal Justice
 Genesis J Knutson Psychology
 Jessica L Koeller Human Services
 Zachary T Krites Computer Information Systems
 Kerry  Krzenski Communication and Media Studies
 Laura A Ksypka Business Administration
 MaKayla  Kuhlman Psychology
 Ashley M Kukert Child Studies
 Lana M Kupatadze Accounting
 Deborah L Kyker Business Administration
 Simone T Lacy Psychology
 Elvis A Laidley Computer Information Systems
 Leon L Lamb Accounting
 Caroline H Lambert Equine Studies
 Becky L Landis Accounting
 Jenny A Langweil Accounting
 Jason J Lanoie Criminal Justice
 Michael A Laraby Applied Mathematics and Data Science
 Syvier R Largo Equine Studies
 Takisha  Lawson Human Services
 Steve L Le Business Administration
 Jessica  Leach Business Administration
 Aidan  LeBlanc Applied Mathematics and Data Science
 Amber M LeBrun Criminal Justice
 Jennifer M LEcuyer Psychology
 Angieliz  Leduc Psychology
 Deborah  Lee Human Resource Management
 Minsu  Lee Computer Information Systems
 Terrance M Lee Business Administration
 Cathryn  Lefort Equine Studies
 Hallie J Lemme Early Childhood Education
 Jovita  Lendor Early Childhood Education
 Carson M Lensing Criminal Justice
 Margaret V Lepore Psychology
 Ieisha  Levias Human Services
 Daniele L Levine Emergency Management and Homeland Security
 Jamie D Lewis Business Administration
 Kimberly V Lewis Legal Studies
 Magan N Lewis Human Services
 Shelteak  Lewis Criminal Justice
 Jessica A Lieb Early Childhood Education
 Clinton J Lillie Management
 Gina  Lillie Early Childhood Education
 Shannon T Lindau Early Childhood Education
 Colleen M Lippincott Accounting
 Clarissa  Lisk Child Studies
 Dante M Little Business Administration
 Brandon  Lloyd Psychology
 James  Lockhart Business Administration
 Davina  Locklear Legal Studies
 Kelly M Long Criminal Justice
 Rayna  Long Equine Studies
 Kristina C Lopez Psychology
 Ronica  Lovick Accounting
 Hanna  Luciano Child Studies
 Bryan D Lumsden Computer Information Systems
 Luz D Luna Psychology
 Maryann  Lutz Human Services
 Sarah N Lynn Psychology
 Cameo K Mabry Human Resource Management
 Jenaie M Machado Psychology
 Brittany L Machowski Business Administration
 Jennifer A Mahadeo Early Childhood Education
 Matthew M Mahovich Business Administration
 Sarah  Maki Psychology
 Dayse M Maldonado Management
 Jeanine L Maldonado Criminal Justice
 Roberto  Maldonado Business Administration
 Junialla N Manantan Business Administration
 Alissa M Mannix Accounting
 Benjamin A Manter Management
 Peta-Gaye  Manuel Communication and Media Studies
 Juan U Maratita Business Administration
 Kate I Marcello Criminal Justice
 Christine  March Business Administration
 Kathleen  Marcil Human Services
 Eduardo X Marcos Management
 Kristi  Maris Child Studies
 Christopher F Marlow Business Administration
 Emmanuel  Marquez Business Administration
 Elaine D Marsh Equine Studies
 Cornelius  Marshall Finance
 Dylan J Marshall Psychology
 Andrea N Martinez Early Childhood Education
 Gina M Martinez Psychology
 Ricardo  Martinez Criminal Justice
 Ricardo R Martinez Criminal Justice
 Silvia S Martinez Psychology
 Josel  Matthews Accounting
 Gwendolyn  Mattox Communication and Media Studies
 Zach  Mayo Business Administration
 Justin G Mazioli Business Administration
 Roberto S Mazioli Human Services
 Jenna M McCaffrey Early Childhood Education
 Kasi L McClatchy Accounting
 Kendyra L Mccleary Criminal Justice
 Nathan E McClintock Management
 Ashley  McCormick Human Resource Management
 Bree A McCue Early Childhood Education
 Eric M McDermott Management
 Deborah A McFarlin Psychology
 Andrew J McGee Business Administration
 Dana M McGee Criminal Justice
 Riley A McHale Equine Studies
 Kathleen S McIntosh Psychology
 William F McKane Computer Information Systems
 Dwayne H Mcleod Human Resource Management
 Bernishea  Mcmutray Psychology
 Latoya L McQuay Management
 Michael J McQuillan Criminal Justice
 David M Mead Management
 Melvin J Meadows Management
 Devon  Mears Applied Mathematics and Data Science
 Jordan L Meckem Business Administration
 Itsha N Medina-Vazquez Computer Information Systems
 Hailey E Meeks Equine Studies
 Kayla K Meeks Psychology
 Noelle  Melissari Legal Studies
 Dave  Mendez Human Resource Management
 Janessa  Mendez Psychology
 Tammy C Mendez Computer Information Systems
 Christopher W Mercer Business Administration
 Jennifer  Merrifield Legal Studies
 Emily K Merritt Equine Studies
 Tammy  Michaud Business Administration
 Jani J Michielsen Marketing
 Kristine A Michonski Criminal Justice
 Donna R Milam Human Resource Management
 Mary R Miller Psychology
 Renee H Miller Management
 Zella M Miller Psychology
 Hampton  Mills White Psychology
 Angelica  Mills Human Services
 Candace  Mills Emergency Management and Homeland Security
 Kashaunna R Minus Computer Information Systems
 Alysha R Mitchell Human Services
 Dexter K Mitchell Marketing
 Jeremy S Mitchell Business Administration
 Matthew D Mitchell Emergency Management and Homeland Security
 Jalissa M Mixon Psychology
 Gianna M Mochi Criminal Justice
 Adriana M Molina Nursing
 Leighton  Moncada Legal Studies
 Christopher R Montgomery Management
 Veoria  Moore Management
 Raymond  Morales Computer Information Systems
 Alexis O Moran Business Administration
 Kathleen  More Legal Studies
 Nickolas W Morgan Management
 Mark  Moriarty Equine Studies
 Julie  Morin Business Administration
 Cheyenne U Morisset Sport Management
 Elisabeth M Morrell Human Resource Management
 Janelle L Morton Management
 Chavoye M Mose Human Services
 Thomas R Mosher Management
 David R Mota Business Administration
 Demetra A Mouzakitis Child Studies
 Brandy A Muehlfeld Legal Studies
 Kathy E Muhammad Criminal Justice
 Ndeminah T Mulbah Psychology
 Gary  Mulford Criminal Justice
 Kellie A Murphy Psychology
 Laura L Murphy Business Administration
 Rita  Murphy Psychology
 Shelly  Murphy Management
 Jessie L Murray Equine Studies
 Brittany N Myers Psychology
 Hope  Myers Early Childhood Education
 Joyce L Myers Early Childhood Education
 Roger B Myers Accounting
 Hannah L Nabors Accounting
 Hannah  Nam Criminal Justice
 Melissa  Nazarov Equine Studies
 Tabitha  Nelson Human Services
 Ula F Nelson Computer Information Systems
 Beatrice A Nevarez Human Resource Management
 Jacob K Newsome Human Resource Management
 Jessica  Ney Nursing
 Thomas M Nguyen-Phuoc Emergency Management and Homeland Security
 Ade  Nicholson Psychology
 Allena  Nimetz Equine Studies
 Anthony J Noday Management
 James S Nolting Emergency Management and Homeland Security
 Haley E Noponen Human Services
 Rizyl  Nuezca Criminal Justice
 Kayla R Nush Early Childhood Education
 Kerry C O’Connor Legal Studies
 Marla  Ocalagan Human Resource Management
 Cheryl  Ohern Human Resource Management
 Paulina A Okon Accounting
 Colin  Oldham Emergency Management and Homeland Security
 Brian L Olszewski Psychology
 Orlando  Ordonez Criminal Justice
 Lisa-Marie  Ortega Human Services
 Prince  Osuji Criminal Justice
 Nicholas J Otto Management
 Orasinh  Ouparavong-Erickson Accounting
 Aaron C Overstreet Management
 Deborah A Owen Computer Information Systems
 Jana  Owen Legal Studies
 Katrina Rea  Owens Legal Studies
 Steven W Oxendine Business Administration
 Joseph A Pace Management
 Brooke A Palmer Early Childhood Education
 Ben V Pankey Computer Information Systems
 Brendan D Paolucci Emergency Management and Homeland Security
 Jennifer R Pappas Child Studies
 Dennis R Parent Management
 Ciera  Parish Early Childhood Education
 Emma R Parker Criminal Justice
 Alysia P Parsell Child Studies
 Deadra L Parson Human Services
 Heather  Partin Early Childhood Education
 Jon A Passaretti Management
 Chelsea L Patterson Child Studies
 Courtney  Patton Child Studies
 Nicholas W Pearson Business Administration
 Holly P Pedreira Criminal Justice
 Shauna R Pelletier Psychology
 Jesse  Pendell Legal Studies
 Stacey  Penniman Human Services
 Tony  Pereira Management
 Alexandra B Perez Human Services
 Edwin  Perez Finance
 Vicente E Perez Management
 Alexander  Perez-Rodriguez Emergency Management and Homeland Security
 Heather  Perrault Human Services
 Brady M Peters Management
 LeeAnne  Petrowski Early Childhood Education
 Joseph T Phelps Emergency Management and Homeland Security
 Savanna  Phoenix Criminal Justice
 Charmaine  Pierce Criminal Justice
 Daisey  Pike Legal Studies
 Jordin M Pinckney Psychology
 Susan E Piti Kennedy Legal Studies
 Keomelis P Pizarro Business Administration
 Jerimiah C Planck Emergency Management and Homeland Security
 Brittany  Polito Accounting
 Karen  Ponce Business Administration
 Thomas E Poplin Marketing
 Kesia S Porter Psychology
 Joseph R Poulin Accounting
 Aaron J Powers Management
 Heather  Preston Early Childhood Education
 Jayson A Preston Accounting
 Alexa  Price Psychology
 Megan  Print Equine Studies
 Matthew  Prout Management
 Crystal G Pruitt Early Childhood Education
 Ma E Puckett Computer Information Systems
 Meena  Pullopilly Early Childhood Education
 Stefanie M Quirk Legal Studies
 Jaheda  Raja Accounting
 Diane  Ramirez Psychology
 Michelle  Ramirez Psychology
 Ruben A Ramos Business Administration
 Tabitha E Ramos Human Services
 Laura  Raneri Child Studies
 Jennifer  Raschella Child Studies
 Dominque E Ratliff Human Services
 Crystal M Reaves Psychology
 Megan  Redican Business Administration
 Caroline  Reed Applied Mathematics and Data Science
 Gregory A Reeves Applied Mathematics and Data Science
 Ryan  Reeves Business Administration
 Merranda L Reid Human Services
 Webb  Reines Business Administration
 Danielle N Reip Business Administration
 Donna  Reiss Management
 Calie  Rencher Human Services
 Eric  Rentas Emergency Management and Homeland Security
 Lily M Retallick Child Studies
 Pedro  Reyes Computer Information Systems
 Shayla  Reyes Computer Information Systems
 Xiomara  Reyes Child Studies
 Joan  Reynolds Finance
 Melody  Reynolds Psychology
 Fatima  Rhynes Criminal Justice
 ARIANNA  RICHARDS Criminal Justice
 McKenzie H Richards Management
 Glendalis  Rios Criminal Justice
 Courtney L Ritch Business Administration
 Ashley M Rivera Human Services
 Cristina  Rivera Criminal Justice
 Evelyn M Rivera Child Studies
 Ricardo  Rivera Child Studies
 Genella T Rivers Early Childhood Education
 Kaitlyn  Robbins Marketing
 Jimmy D Roberson Marketing
 Amy K Roberts Equine Studies
 Billy J Roberts Legal Studies
 Alaine N Robertson Early Childhood Education
 Madison E Robertson Early Childhood Education
 Donna  Robinson Early Childhood Education
 Nicholas J Robinson Computer Information Systems
 Morgan R Robison Early Childhood Education
 Joseph  Rocca Computer Information Systems
 Jessica  Rodorigo Child Studies
 Eden  Rodriguez Early Childhood Education
 Isaiah S Rodriguez Marketing
 Janelle B Rodriguez Business Administration
 Joel D Rodriguez Criminal Justice
 Grecia  Rodriguez-Jaimes Legal Studies
 Richard L Roesch II Sport Management
 Kristin D Rogers Management
 Stacie  Rogers Communication and Media Studies
 Salina  Rogler Criminal Justice
 Victor M Rojaschavez Accounting
 Erica K Roman Early Childhood Education
 Luis R Ruiz Sport Management
 Shaqueda  Ruiz Legal Studies
 Khristian  Runkle Criminal Justice
 Tania  Russo Business Administration
 Jane F Sacrey Legal Studies
 Shawn R Sadoski Computer Information Systems
 Micaela  Saenz Marketing
 Debra  Salters Sport Management
 Alnuel  Sanchez Lopez Computer Information Systems
 Evelyn  Sanchez Management
 Jennifer  Sanchez Management
 Melecio  Sanchez Management
 Robert A Sanchez Management
 Stephanie R Sanchez Business Administration
 Eric  Sanders Psychology
 Caitlin  Sanford Equine Studies
 Brenton A Sansoni Accounting
 Vanilla  Santiago Business Administration
 Elizabeth A Santora Psychology
 Jeomary S Santos Early Childhood Education
 Zachariah A Sarey Psychology
 Jonathan R Savera Business Administration
 Tracy A Saxon Equine Studies
 David R Scaramazzo Sport Management
 Sara L Scavone Legal Studies
 Andrea  Schad Equine Studies
 Michelle  Schneider Management
 James R Schweitzer Management
 Katherina M Sciuto Equine Studies
 Tanisha  Scott Business Administration
 Paul S Searle Legal Studies
 Jason M Sekscenski Accounting
 Victoria L Serrano Del-Rio Human Services
 Seth  Sevilla Management
 John  Shadders Finance
 Kurt D Shafer Management
 Joshua D Shearer Business Administration
 Ann M Sheppard Human Services
 Bart  Sherman Management
 Katharine M Shockley Applied Mathematics and Data Science
 Frederick L Shoemaker Management
 Megan C Shook Psychology
 Titus C Shungwa Computer Information Systems
 Leeann C Sigona Early Childhood Education
 Michael A Silbart Emergency Management and Homeland Security
 Teeshia  Silloway Business Administration
 Marissa C Silva Human Services
 Stephen N Silva Emergency Management and Homeland Security
 Stephanie M Silvas Sport Management
 Theresa  Simaitis Nursing
 Malik J Simmons Management
 Jessica J Simon Human Services
 Brett P Simpson Management
 Tara  Simpson Early Childhood Education
 Robert E Singley Business Administration
 Erica  Slack Psychology
 Levi  Slife Marketing
 Nicole  Smead Human Services
 Nicholas  Smeland Finance
 Brandon J Smith Emergency Management and Homeland Security
 Brenda G Smith Psychology
 Candilyn D Smith Human Services
 Elizabeth P Smith Early Childhood Education
 Hope E Smith Psychology
 Jamie L Smith Human Services
 La Tiana R Smith Computer Information Systems
 Madison  Smith Business Administration
 Zachary D Smith Criminal Justice
 Zorria  Smith Early Childhood Education
 Kayla A Smolskis Human Resource Management
 Stephanie  Snell Early Childhood Education
 Michelle N Snowden Criminal Justice
 Allison L Snyder Early Childhood Education
 Samantha  Solomon Criminal Justice
 Shauna N Sommo Communication and Media Studies
 Kimberly  Soth Business Administration
 Stephanie M Soto Business Administration
 Silver J Spangler Human Services
 Brandon L Sparrow Business Administration
 Alana T Spearman Criminal Justice
 Audra L Spellman Human Services
 Ayah L Spencer Legal Studies
 Carly  Spina Human Services
 Ryan N Spinelli Psychology
 Jennifer L St Jean Human Services
 Cassandra M St. John Criminal Justice
 Trevor D Stacy Criminal Justice
 Sierra N Stadler Psychology
 David R Stagnitti Business Administration
 Chloe  Staiano Equine Studies
 Zachary J Stancliff Management
 Robert D Stanfield Management
 Eric R Starr Psychology
 Robert W Steele Jr Human Resource Management
 Toni C Steele Thompson Marketing
 Trace  Stegmaier Business Administration
 Christopher F Stein Business Administration
 Benjamin H Stephens IV Finance
 Salina A Stephens Human Resource Management
 Gabriella Y Stewart Business Administration
 Brittany  Stickles Early Childhood Education
 Christopher A Stockey Legal Studies
 Stephanie C Stokes-Little Business Administration
 Anthony J Stone Management
 Joe  Stout Criminal Justice
 Keith  Straub Business Administration
 Jared A Strawn Business Administration
 Alisa  Strickland Management
 Denise  Strickland Child Studies
 Nikol M Strohm Management
 Joshua  Sulkers Management
 Kevin  Sullivan Sport Management
 Stephanie J Summers Human Services
 Jermaine L Sutton Management
 Megan S Sweat Child Studies
 Matt  Sweatfield Business Administration
 Christy  Sweeney Nursing
 Eric J Swenson Management
 Sheila A Swoffer Early Childhood Education
 Joseph A Tanner Management
 Leah S Tatem Business Administration
 Maria  Taylor Equine Studies
 Ryan D Taylor Emergency Management and Homeland Security
 Whitney M Taylor Psychology
 Amanda  Taylor-jones Legal Studies
 Tomika L Teachout Psychology
 Yuliesa  Tello Human Resource Management
 Flor A Tena Child Studies
 Andre  Thomas Criminal Justice
 Cameron L Thomas Psychology
 Jillian M Thomas Criminal Justice
 Alex  Thompson Finance
 Jayden M Thompson Management
 Sharon  Thompson Equine Studies
 Wesley A Thompson Psychology
 Jacqueline  Threlfall Legal Studies
 Carlos A Tiburcio Human Resource Management
 Matthew P Tierney Human Services
 Andrew J Tischner Business Administration
 Patrick  Tiscia Communication and Media Studies
 Juanita L Todd Computer Information Systems
 Jarrod  Tolbert Management
 Rae M Topham Early Childhood Education
 Melanie E Torres Criminal Justice
 Miriam N Torres Management
 Alexandra  Torrioni Psychology
 Zhania D Townes Human Services
 Shyan O Tracy Human Resource Management
 Flem A Tucker Management
 Jakob V Tucker Management
 Maurice D Tucker Business Administration
 Brandi L Turner Psychology
 Christine  Turner Accounting
 Katie L Tuten Equine Studies
 Brian A Tuttle Management
 John B Tuz Management
 Deborah A Twardzik Management
 Achaia S Twyne Early Childhood Education
 Bernardo R Twyne Business Administration
 Ashley F Tymula Human Services
 Terrell K Tyson Criminal Justice
 Catya  Ubaldo Management
 Nicole A Urbina Criminal Justice
 Elida I Valencia Pineda Child Studies
 Bonita  Vance Computer Information Systems
 Nicholas J VanDoren Computer Information Systems
 Brianna L VanRaamsdonk Management
 Melesia S Vanriel Business Administration
 Stacy A Vanzie Accounting
 Jacquelyn  Vargas Business Administration
 Janiris  Vasquez Accounting
 Maria  Vasquez Child Studies
 Angelica M Velazquez Early Childhood Education
 Freddy  Velez Business Administration
 Taris  Velez Nursing
 Camille N Ventura Human Services
 Natasha A Vicari Early Childhood Education
 Nicolette M Vicarioli Business Administration
 Henry T Villa Human Services
 Lloyd Justine M Villanueva Accounting
 Dustin M Viveiros Criminal Justice
 Beverly J Volk Psychology
 Helena T Vuong Management
 Andrea N Walker Early Childhood Education
 Janaya M Walker Business Administration
 Karen A Walker Child Studies
 Kimberley S Walker Equine Studies
 Pamela G Walker Emergency Management and Homeland Security
 Yesenia  Wallace Criminal Justice
 Adam  Walters Management
 Nicholi S Walthall Marketing
 Craig A Ward Management
 Isaac J Ward Computer Information Systems
 Trevor  Ward-Willis Emergency Management and Homeland Security
 Anna M Ware Accounting
 Dayla R Ware Early Childhood Education
 Brianna  Warner Psychology
 Leah  Warren Business Administration
 Christopher A Washburn Management
 Tasha A Washington Management
 Brandon  Watson Management
 Timothy J Webster Criminal Justice
 Harley D Weeks Psychology
 Ashley  Welborn Marketing
 Abigail C Welker Psychology
 Joseph R Wells Management
 Trenton L Westbrook Finance
 Jermaine  Westley Management
 LeeAnn  Weston Management
 Kristen  White Legal Studies
 Jordan M Whitlow Business Administration
 Donna M Wilcox Legal Studies
 Christina  Wilder Equine Studies
 Jenna L Wilhelm Criminal Justice
 Alexis F Willett-Miljus Child Studies
 Amber-Rae  Williams Psychology
 Chadwick D Williams Management
 Christina M Williams Early Childhood Education
 Jason A Williams Management
 Lavante E Williams Emergency Management and Homeland Security
 Releesa E Williams Psychology
 Sonya M Williams Human Services
 Melissa D Williamson Human Services
 Deana A Willis Psychology
 Brian T Wills Management
 Wesley  Wills Sport Management
 Irene F Wilson Criminal Justice
 Lisa A Wilson Early Childhood Education
 Kasiem  Wimberly Child Studies
 Joshua B Wingate Business Administration
 Irina  Wolf Business Administration
 Daniel A Wollenhaupt Human Services
 Lasha C Womack Criminal Justice
 Jeff T Wood Criminal Justice
 Benjamin L Woods Criminal Justice
 LaNece R Woodson Business Administration
 JoAnn M Wray Accounting
 Craig  Wright Business Administration
 Devin M Wright Psychology
 Jeramy L Wright Equine Studies
 Kevin A Wright Psychology
 Jonathan  Wrucke Business Administration
 Rebekah  Wylde Partida Computer Information Systems
 Elora L Wymore Equine Studies
 Racquel R Wynder Applied Mathematics and Data Science
 Benjamin  Xabouathone Legal Studies
 Pheng  Yang Business Administration
 Curtis A Yeager Computer Information Systems
 Akoua M Yegbe Accounting
 Alexandra  Yekel Early Childhood Education
 Duncan  Young Business Administration
 Harley J Young Legal Studies
 Matthew C Young Criminal Justice
 Derrek  Zaczkowski Marketing
 Victoria  Zajac Psychology
 Kathryn  Zandri Management
 Veronica E Zeigler Computer Information Systems
 Clint  Zicari Business Administration
 Bianca  Zorbanos Accounting
 Alexandra  Dereban Psychology
 Michelle  Gaskins Legal Studies
 Chavon L Holman Psychology
 Jennifer P Iacono Psychology
 Kayleigh M Miller Legal Studies
 Michele  Vasiliou Human Resource Management