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Post University Blog

What should I do if I feel overwhelmed? 

headshot of aubry“Feeling overwhelmed during finals is normal, especially when looking at a long task list.  Focus on just one hour at a time.  Pick one or two things you want to accomplish in the next hour.  If one hour is too overwhelming, break it down even further by focusing on just a half-hour.”

– Aubry Fappiano, Counselor


headshot of glen“With finals here as well as the holiday season, your stress levels may grow. Now is the time to stop and gather your thoughts. A little meditation will help you calm your stress and help put your priorities in order. Take fifteen minutes and find a quiet place. Shut down all electronics and enjoy some “you” time!”

– Glenn Xavier, Counselor


headshot of lisaI’ll let you a bit of a story: my brother went to college in Minnesota.  After studying for a few hours and/or when he was feeling tired, he would take his shoes and socks off, and run barefoot in the snow to invigorate himself.  I’m not necessarily recommending this approach; however, what I do recommend is taking study breaks. When you feel your brain is fried, or when you are changing from one subject to another, take a twenty-minute break.  Go outside, get some fresh air, move your body, get a snack, or a glass of water.  Take a little time to clear your head — your brain, body, and grades will thank you.  Oh, and make sure you get enough sleep at night. Sleep helps you integrate information.”

Lisa Antel, Counseling Center Director


What are some good methods for time management while studying?

headshot of kathyrn“Time management is tough while studying because once you get started, you just want to keep going until it is done! The best thing to do before you start studying is to have a plan. Write down or put in your calendar/planner when, for how long, and for what you are going to study or work on. Then, make sure to include times when you can take a break and focus on your self-care or give yourself a reward. If you want, share your plan with someone that will hold you accountable too!”

-Kathryn Colby, Athletic Counseling Intern


Is it possible to study too much?

photo of michael in suit“Yes, it is very possible to study too much. Time Management and discipline are needed to be successful at studying but equally important is the ability to “pull the plug”. Students must learn how to have a balance between work, personal life, and academics. It is easy to spend too much time in one category versus another one. However, I think the best skill to obtain is balance. When you have balance in your academics, you know when to give yourself a break from books in order for your mind to “digest” all that has been administered to it. Students tend to believe studying equals success. Which is very true to a certain degree. Self-Care also breeds success. How much self-care are you providing yourself in between your studying? In addition, how much “self-care” are you providing your brain after large amounts of studying?”

-Michael Adesida, Director for Center of Academic Success


What if I have too many distractions at home while I am studying or while I am taking my final exam virtually?

“Discipline for distractions is not an easy task. I would encourage students to remove themselves from the room or areas that distractions occur (i.e. Bedroom with Bed, Living Room with Television, Lounge Area with Video Games). Sometimes we do not discipline ourselves on distractions, knowing that we should. For others, it is not easy, children or pets tend to get in the way of our productivity. Time Management is important in this situation. Learning how to work around our distractions vs. working with them. For example, getting up early to start on task while the house is quiet or staying up later to handle items.”

-Michael Adesida, Director for Center of Academic Success