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How to be a Virtual Learner: Tips for Success 

The following is a list of tips and suggestions for how to find academic success as a virtual learner.  The most important thing to remember is that we are all in this together.  Please contact any of us at Post if you find you need tech support, academic support, or just someone to talk to.  We may not be able to meet in person, but all of us at Post are very much here for you!

Utilize your resources: While you may not be on campus ALL of your resources are still available to you. Don’t hesitate to reach out and stay connected:

Make a schedule: Attending class virtually at set times allows you to already have a basis for planning. A good rule of thumb is 2 hours of study time each day in addition to your class time. Utilizing apps like My Study Life are great ways to track using your phone and set up reminders for classes, exams and your week.

Technology check: To ensure you are ready for classes this week, check on your technology. Is your laptop charged and ready? Are your speakers working? Do you have a quiet place to log in and attend class? If you are finding a roadblock- reach out to your instructor to let them know and come up with a backup plan.

Set up a dedicated study space: This could your kitchen table or your bedroom floor, but it should be a space that you won’t be disturbed and can concentrate. Limit distractions by removing any other unnecessary technology, turning off the TV etc.

Communicate your expectations: Establish a daily schedule and discuss it with your roommates and/or family. This way they know not to barge in on you during class or when you should be studying. Friends and family also can help you remain accountable to your coursework.

Stay connected: One of the best parts about being on campus is seeing your friends and team mates. Utilize the Post University App and course discussion boards to keep in touch! It’s also recommended to outline this on your schedule.

Keep familiar with your Blackboard tools: Learn how to submit assignments, respond to discussions etc. by visiting Blackboard YouTube page for help- these are always a good refresher for students overall.

Remember we are all here to help! Your instructors and our services have been preparing to help you transition this week. Your communication is essential to ensure we can keep you successful. If you hit a roadblock or do not know where to begin- let someone at Post know and we will get you the help needed.


Download a PDF of these Tips for Virtual Learners.