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Earning an MBA degree can make all the difference for ambitious working professionals wanting to set themselves apart from their competition and prove their leadership, decision-making, and strategic skills are worth the investment.

Why You Should Earn Your MBA

1. Advance your career

Advancing your career should be at the top of the list when earning an MBA. It is estimated that 70% of MBA graduates worldwide are senior managers or board directors. The skills and knowledge you’ll gain earning your MBA, combined with your work experience, will help you apply what you’ve learned while managing and leading your department or organization. There’s a reason the MBA has become the most widely accepted master’s degree in the US.

2. Earn more

In addition to advancing your career, an increased salary is one of the main motivators for earning an advanced degree, and it should be. Make sure that the money you put toward your degree will be worth your time and effort in the end.  According to a 2015 survey by The Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAT), 30% of employers will give raises equal to the rate of inflation and 21% of employers will increase starting salaries by even more than that for those who’ve earned their MBA.

The expected median starting salary for recent MBA graduates in the US will be $100,000, a $5,000 increase from last years salaries and $45,000 advantage over what survey respondents are paying candidates with a bachelor’s degree.

3. Grow your network

Once you’ve enrolled in an MBA program, you’ll be amazed by the number of students and instructors you’ll encounter from diverse business backgrounds . You’ll have the opportunity to interact with these professionals, growing your network and making connections in the industry. These relationships could lead to potential careers, mentoring opportunities, valuable partnerships and more.
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Advance your career. Earn a higher salary. Grow your network. If you’re interested in one or all three of these goals, learn more about how an MBA program might be right for you.

Why Earn MBA