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Is marketing a good major? The answer to this question depends on whether you want a job that’s in demand and enjoyable. Of course, most people would answer yes to both, and these are the graduates who will excel with a degree in marketing.

But what is a degree in marketing, exactly? What can you do with a marketing degree? Does it mean you’re destined to spend your days making cold calls to disinterested clients? Does it mean trying to sell products on commission and hoping people find value in them?

Not at all.

While your marketing job undoubtedly will depend on how much a service or product or brand sells in a year, as a graduate with a four-year or higher degree in marketing, you’ll likely spend more time figuring out how to launch an effective sales campaign or deciding exactly who the target audience is for your brand.

Sound intriguing? Then a career in marketing may be right for you.

Why Get a Degree in Marketing?

Why major in marketing? We’ve compiled a list of the top 5 perks of obtaining your degree in marketing. Here’s what you need to know about this exciting and vibrant career.

It Offers a Solid Job Outlook

The job outlook for those employed as advertising, promotions, or marketing managers is exceptionally optimistic, says the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This field is expected to grow at a rate that’s 8 percent greater than the national average through 2028. That’s good news for those who’ve earned at least a bachelor’s degree in marketing, advertising, or a related field.

There Is Great Earning Potential

The ability to earn a substantial living is another perk for those who graduate with marketing degrees. In 2018, the median salary of marketing managers was a whopping $132,620 per year. This breaks down into roughly $64 per hour—a wage that’s far beyond what many people earn with more advanced degrees.

Even those who begin their marketing jobs in an entry-level position, such as public relations, enjoy decent pay. In 2018, the median pay for public relations specialists was $60,000 annually, or $28.85 per hour. A simple bachelor’s degree will get your foot in the door in marketing. From there, your opportunities only expand.

You’ll Have Versatility

With a degree in marketing, your job opportunities are far ranging. Graduates from marketing programs are in demand at each end of the spectrum, from entry-level to advanced. Jobs available to these graduates can include:

  • Advertising copywriters
  • Public relations representatives
  • Brand managers
  • Event planners
  • Marketing assistants
  • Market research analysts
  • Social media managers
  • Sales managers

And many, many more. Coursework in marketing provides you with valuable skills you can take out into the world through multiple income streams. You’ll receive training in high-value areas, such as:

  • Oral and written communications
  • Market analysis
  • Budget development
  • Customer segmentation and demographics
  • People management
  • Product management
  • Logistics
  • Financing

Your degree in marketing will earn you a foot in the door at unlimited corporations, and it will allow you to work practically anywhere in the world. This is because the skills you’ve learned are ones that are in high demand at companies around the globe. If you’re interested in pursuing a career that offers versatility and opportunity, marketing is a top choice.

Job Security Is a Given

What is a marketing degree? Does it provide job security? Yes, most definitely. During the COVID-19 public health crisis, market research analysts were one of the few occupations, alongside healthcare workers, that managed to flourish, says U.S. News & World Report. In part, this is because research is a job easily performed remotely. During COVID-19, it was market analysts who found ways to reach new customers, to perpetuate company brands, and to cut costs for corporations whose income was negatively impacted by the lifestyle changes forced upon consumers by the COVID-19 virus.

Corporations will always need skilled people to perform research, to represent their brand worldwide, and to find new and innovative ways to approach their target demographics. As a graduate with a marketing degree, this could be you.

You’ll Find Personal Enjoyment

Perhaps the most important argument for majoring in marketing is how it can help you find a job you will love forever. Some major responsibilities of those who work in marketing include:

  • Managing a brand’s social media sites
  • Designing a fresh advertising campaign around a new product
  • Analyzing a particular demographic to better understand the products they purchase and why
  • Writing advertising copy for media distribution
  • Representing a brand or a company in front of local and national media
  • Designing the packaging for a new service or product

If you’re a creative individual who enjoys collaborating as part of a team, you’ll enjoy the world of marketing. You’ll explore ideas, devise original campaigns, meet with interesting people, and build a rapport between the brand you represent and its target audience. All-in-all, enjoyable ways to spend 8-hour days, five days a week.

Why get a degree in marketing? Because, as a marketing graduate, career opportunities abound and personal fulfillment in the job is well within reach. People will always needs products and services. As a result, companies will always need fresh and innovative ways of providing them. For graduates with the right skills and experience, opportunity is rampant. Consider an online BS in Marketing today.


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