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Post University Blog

“To build up a library is to create a life. It’s never just a random collection of books.”

-Carlo Maria Dominguez

Peaceful haven, research oasis, friendly hang-out … the library serves many purposes. It might seem like a relic in this digital age, but in reality, it’s more important than ever. Increasingly isolated, we need somewhere to gather and let our ideas flow. And modern campus libraries have evolved tremendously in the past two decades.

“The Traurig Library at Post University, for example, can support your study needs with its 43 online databases supporting both the undergraduate and graduate programs,” says Library Director Tracy Ralston. “Our reference librarians can help you access more than 300 print and online periodical titles, and our ever-growing e-book and virtual reference collection. Post is home to the region’s largest print law collection not connected to a law school, and a unique equine management print and media collection.”

Need more convincing? Below are just a few of the many reasons why the library will quickly become your favorite place on campus.

1) Productive Workspace

The roommate experience is valuable, but perhaps not so desirable when you’re trying to study for an exam. At the library, you can find a peaceful corner, free from Netflix, snacks, and other distractions. Set aside a few hours for studying, and you’ll be amazed by what you can accomplish.

2) Digital Detox

Although WiFi and cell phone service are available at the library, it’s one of few environments in which you can avoid the scourge of constant disruptions. Leave your mobile device at home and lose yourself in a good study aid.

3) Privacy

You adore your college friends, study buddies, and roommates. Sometimes, however, you need to be alone. Why not retreat to the library? You can hide out in the stacks, at the computers, or in a comfy chair, all while enjoying blissful silence.

4) A Sense of Calm

The frenetic pace of student life can get to you. On occasion, you need respite from all those lectures, assignments, and extracurricular activities. The library provides the tranquility you so desperately need. It’s not just the quiet although, of course, that helps. There’s something uniquely calming about feeling the weight of a book in your hands and slowly turning the pages.

5) Study Groups

You don’t have to be alone in the library. Perhaps your local coffee shop isn’t cutting it for your weekly study session or last-minute group project. Ditch the expensive lattes and take advantage of a free study area designed specifically for groups.

6) Unique Resources

Google grants us false confidence. Equipped with a search engine, we think we can complete all research from the comfort of our laptops. With in-depth research, however, your typical Google-oriented approach is a recipe for frustration. Obscure topics are easier to pin down through historical records, maps, legal references, and other resources only available at the library. Online databases provide further access to resources not normally found via Google.

7) Learning about Effective Research

An underappreciated skill, not everybody mastered the art of research in high school. College libraries offer both one-on-one and group instruction designed to strengthen research skills. Instruction ranges from basic to advanced. After attending one of these specialized classes, you’ll no longer feel limited to your usual Google search.

8) Sparking Creativity

Struggling with writer’s block? A new setting can change everything. Take a break from your homework and immerse yourself in the intellectual delights of the library. Grab a book and relax. Let the words marinate before you return to your assignment. Surrounded by great works of art and literature, you’ll find the inspiration you need to finish that poem or research paper.

9) Cultural Programs

Broaden your cultural horizons; attend one of several unique events held at the library. Throughout the year, library staff members plan a variety of intriguing exhibitions. Take a break from the books and experience something new.

From blazing fast internet to well-worn books, the library offers everything you need for a blissful escape from reality. Next time you feel stressed or ill at ease, hit up this campus gem.